Question of Origins Video


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Here is the link to Question of Origins. It is a nice simple presentation on how creation meets evolution.

You can watch the video in segments if you don’t have time to watch the whole thing at once. I think it plays on windows media -streaming.

Rather than debate the topic, i thought we could discuss the over all make of the video itself & what you liked about it.
who created the fireball? ive never seen a rock give birth to a rock before either, lol.
Heh...scientists only have THEORIES. God has the facts. God reveals these facts through's how we know how it really happened. And the funny thing? God's story, though ridiculed by millions, actually has no plotholes while these theories of Scientists do, like a void or vacuum or nothingness giving birth to something. That's just kind of ridiculous, or maybe I'm just not that advanced to think along lines of such high science. However, man did not evolve from Apes. Sure, evolution exists in varying degrees and forms, but though scientists have searched, they have not found that missing link between men and apes. And that missing link is a big one. Okay, so Chimpanzees' DNA is uber-similar to ours, but anything that has four limbs, five digits on each limb, two eyes, a nose, a mouth and two ears, and is either male or female, will have very similar DNA structures. Monkeys just look the most like humans so their DNA is the most similar. End of story.