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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA
Hi, all! Great idea, Brian, making this a general introduction thread.

My name is Bill Keith. I'm--lessee--[counting quickly on fingers and toes...] 53 years old.

Professionally, I'm a writer, with something like 60 [who counts?] books published so far. Most are either military SF or modern military technothrillers of the Tom Clancey variety. Besides writing as William H. Keith, my various pennames include H. Jay Riker and Ian Douglas.

I'm married to Nina, and have been for some 27 years, now. We have a daughter, 26, who now lives in Los Angeles.

Nina and I are both practicing witches.
We are elders in the Coven of the Silver Cauldron, which is centered here in Maine, but which has a geographically-challenged contingent in the Cincinnatti, Ohio, area. Our daughter, Heather, is also a witch, though she's currently focusing more on ceremonial magick.

What else? I'm a member of Mensa, I'm interested in everything and everybody, I have a particular love for both science and history as well as for occult studies, prefer country to city, I am ecstatic over finding this board (thanks, Siege!), and my forum posts ramble on WAY, WAY too long. . . .