How can Muslims be assured that the Qur'an is the Word of God?


The Quran's sentence that everything is made of water is not exact. It says that only living beings were created from water. Water in Quranic vocabulary is the semen and not the water you use to drink.

Of course it could also be plain water. What is extraordinary for anybody to notice that water is needed to sustain life and grow plants? Do you need a divine revelation to know that?

You say that the Prophet did not know of any other religion in detail. How do you know that? Muhammad was much attracted by religion and in Western Arabia you could find people from Judaism, Christianity or Zoroastrism. Even the heresies of Judaism and Christianity were around.

My opinion is that the Quran is not the work of one man but rather of a group of people who were fed up with their polytheistic religion and wanted a new faith on the model of Judaism and Christianity.
i dont think the Quran says everything is created from water, i think it was Muhammad s.a.w and i think it may have said all living thing, becasue this would make sense, therefore islam. Muhammad s.a.w was never involved in any religion, up untill he was 40. when he was a bit younger, he meditated and knew that only one god existed, and had faith in his heart, then an angel appeared to him. your oppinion on the Quran is ok for you, i just hope one day inshaAllah you will see the truth, if not Allah has out a lock upon your heart. why would people have been fed up with their polytheism, it was their beleif. Muhammad s.a.w was given word by god to call people to the true religion and way of life, and islam is unlike any other religion, in that it draws no partners to god, has only one god, and He is the most magnificent and nothing can be compared up unto Him. as far as i know all other eligions dont look at the one-ness of god the way islam does, except judaism i think.

the prophecies of jesus being the 'son' seem to mainly be in the new testament...written many many years after he died unfortunately. so the so called proof you see was in my view not proof..who actually saw jesus ressurect?i read in 4 differnt parts of the new testament, and there were different numbers and different people in every statement...hardly soundslike hard evidence to me. you wrote jesus prophecised about the coming of the holy spirit...but unfortuantely this is bizzare as the holy spirit came before jesus did right, there is many acounts of the holy spirit in the old testament, and he baptised jesus didnt he..why did jesus get baptised?did he have to beleive he was the son of god to remove his natural sin?even though he is a god?im not saying that jesus didnt rise to the heavens, he did..i dont know if it was witnessed,i think it may have been at the table spread (what christians call the last supper).as for jesus being you not think this is very very humiliating for your god?i think its humiliating for a prophet let alone what you consider a god. jesus was betrayed...god said he would save jesus, he did this by crucifying the one who betrayed him, this is the islamic view. no one went against what had been told by god, what was written down, yes...because it ws not gods word written down, it was other peoples. we beleive in the gospel and have points from it in the Quran, but not like yours, because yours is accrodinf to matthew, mark, luke, john. ours is literally according to Allah.

the proof Muhammad s.a.w received the Quran from Allah s.w.t is in the Quran, there are prophecies in it that have occured, there are facts taht are true, it has not been altered, and the proof of the prophethood of Muhammad s.a.w is in his prophecies as he said.

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) told us that at the end of time there will come a people who will allow these things just as they will allow alcohol, zina and silk. This is one of the signs of his Prophethood, for all of this has happened. he has told us about women, television in a sense, and the common day society.

if you say that the Quran is false, and say things about Muhammad s.a.w, it deeply offends me, that youd say he was a liar. what proof do you have that jesus said i am god pray to me?even the bible doesnt say it, so why do you?what proof would we have any prophet is a prophet?their laws, revelations, and what they beleive, and Muhammad s.a.w fits into all these as all the other 124,000 do.the bible actually claims god to have mnay children also, if you read it you will see
i do not see where you answered specifically the question. i gave you some of the biblical references, and there are many others, from what i have read you only gave mohammed witnessesing of himself. but didnt he have to be convinced he didnt see a jinn? so i will ask again if you would so kind to give proof as i am curious, because for god to say something, he will make a declaration beforehand and during so there is no confusion. otherwise it is just mans word againts gods. such as the many prophecies of jesus in the old testament, and the fulfilling of those prophecies in the new.

who are the witnesses and prophets for mohammed proclaiming him and his claims of prophethood and alleged visitation of an angel, who decided to go against all that has already been written down and proclaimed by god, to say such things?
not got time to write...about to go on holiday, so i will naswer fully when get bak, many references int he old testament point to Muhammad s.a.w there in some other thraed on direct one i no of id by jesus a.s. he foretold of Muhammad s.a.w
jhon 15:26 But when the Paraclete cometh, whom I will send you from the Father, the Spirit of truth, who proceedeth from the Father, he shall give testimony of me.

Muhammad gave testimony that jesus was christ...who else could it be...not the holy spirit...he ahs already cometh into the world, for example baptising jesus.

john 16:13 But when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will teach you all truth. For he shall not speak of himself; but what things soever he shall hear, he shall speak; and the things that are to come, he shall shew you. 14 He shall glorify me

john 14:26 But the Paraclete, the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things, and bring all things to your mind, whatsoever I shall have said to you.

says the holy ghost here i know, but as we see he is alraedy here in jesus and spirit and has been forever as christianoty would believe.this name holy ghost has only been admitted in this one out of the 4 mentions.bizzare?Muhammad s.a.w did teach us all things, prayer, how to eat, wash, urinate, excrete, walk, talk, drink, dress, act, sit, etc...

there are only references to jesus being th son of god in the bible right, i have no problem saying mary was told she would conceive as a virgin, its just that he will be called the son of god i dont agree with, the Quran and bible have references to Muhammad s.a.w..whos name has the same meening as paraclete by the way (refering to above). Muhamamd s.a.w did not think he saw a would he know what one was before he received revelation from Allah s.w.t?, he was scared becasue he was told by the angel gabriel he had been chosen, as would anyone, but no jinn did he think he the bible jesus said beware of false prophets, for they shall not prophesise true things and shall not glorify my name...Muhammad s.a.w did glorify jesus a.s, he is one of the most respected prophets in islam and will lead the muslims to victory in the future against dajjal, and people who dont follow islam. in islam for example jesus first miracle was speaking to protect his mother from slander, in christianity he turned water into wine, at the same time he had a foul attitude towards his mother...
nothing there points to mohammed, it is the holy spirit of god those verses speak of, the other manifestation of god in revealing, guiding, assisting us, and testifying god himself to us.
ok...thats what you think, lets agree to to yours, me to mine, islam has no mis-intrepretation in the quran, but you cant say this about the bible...that is enough proof that the quran is gods word, and because islam is true, you wont agree but i hope Allah may guide you to the straight path.
many people have misinterpreted the bible and have done ungodly things, that is man doing his will and not gods, but that does not fault the bible that faults man, because what man did on his own accord goes against the word of god --god says to forgive and love others as god loves and forgives you and wants you to be saved.
but if the quran says the opposite of loving and forgiving others then there is no misinterpretation when it says to jihad and kill unbelievers of islam and not befriend any of them, to live like mohammed in the 7th century and allow many wives and beat them when they are bad. that is the correct interpretation? if god is good, what is good about that if it allegedly proceeded from him? how does that justify the quran as Word of God? what kind of god does that put in the minds of muslims? could it be it only justified muhammeds lifestyle and perhaps it contradicts that nature of a loving, forgiving god of salvation. maybe those evidences are overlooked because of so much personal investment in the culture and lifestyle and sociological pressure of islam?
I think that the biggest mistake that Muslim theologians did was to state that the Quran is the very word of God to the last comma.

The many controversial verses that reflect a seventh century society, and have nothing to do with an eternal all-loving God who reveals an eternal message, could be disregarded if the Quran were just inspired by God as the Bible is.
blaznfattys..thats funny.Muhammad s.a.w killed unbeleivers yes, but only in war, when they killed muslims...just as wars are going on now...jihad does not mean holy war, it means struggle, you can fight for the cause of jihad, i am going thru a jihad att he moment, because some things are difficult to follow...Muhammad s.a.w...beating wives...thats not allowed the prophet s.a.w said before he died, the best of the men among you are the ones who traet your wives the best, we get so many rewards for looking after wives. women are not supposed to use their own money to pay for anything, the male of the house pays for ALL the families needs, the woman keeps what she has to herself....does this seem negative towards the woman?

Do you believe or not what is written in the Quran? Sometimes one has the feeling that Muslims themselves do not accept what God has written in it.

"waDribûhunna" "beat them" has been written by none other than God himself (that's what Muslims say), and as he knows Arabic better than anyone else, he has not written "beat them slightly", which he could easily have done.
i do accept and beleive every word in the Qur'an.

"O ye who believe! Ye are forbidden to inherit women against their will. Nor should ye treat them with harshness, that ye may take away part of the dower [money given by the husband to the wife for the marriage contract] ye have given them, except where they have been guilty of open lewdness; on the contrary live with them on a footing of kindness and equity. If ye take a dislike to them it may be that ye dislike a thing, and God brings about through it a great deal of good. (The Noble Quran, 4:19)"

"I went to the Apostle of Allah (peace_be_upon_him) and asked him: What do you say (command) about our wives? He replied: Give them food what you have for yourself, and clothe them by which you clothe yourself, and do not beat them, and do not revile them. (Sunan Abu-Dawud, Book 11, Marriage (Kitab Al-Nikah), Number 2139)"

the Qur'an forbids wife beating, the prophet s.a.w said at his last sermon, the best of those among you are the ones who treat their wives the best


You are not the only one who can read the Quran.
If the Quran forbids wife beating why does it say "waDribuuhunna" "and beat them"?
Are you trying to convince us that the Quran is contradicting itself?

In which verse does the Quran forbid wife beating?
in the one i stated above, can you tell me the surah where it says that and i will read it and try and explain it. the think with islam, is taht many people think and mistake it for culture. for example, certain dress, ways of life people see as islamic, but is culture of eastern countries, i know some eastern cultures have this view about women, but as far as i know islam doesnt, but if usay it does, will you show me please, and il see what it means

All Muslims know the verse where Allah tells to beat women who misbehave, at least from the many controversies that the verse has aroused right from the time of its revelation.
obviously all muslims dont...i really dont know what verse your talking about...please find for me...becasue this is something i never knew about islam.
Here is the commentary about 4:34 and beating (I found this on the web):

In regard to the suggestion about beating, the following further points should also be noted:
a) According to some traditions the Prophet said in his famous and well-attended speech on the occasion of his farewell pilgrimage that the beating done according to the present verse should be ghayr mubarrih, i.e. in such a way that it should not cause injury, bruise or serious hurt. On this basis some scholars like Tabari and Razi say even that it should be largely symbolic and should be administered "with a folded scarf" or "with a miswak or some such thing". However, to be effective in its purpose of shaking the wife out of her nasty mood it is important that it should provide an energetic demonstration of the anger, frustration and love of the husband. In other words, it should neither seriously hurt the wife nor reduce it to a set of meaningless motions devoid of emotions.
b) The wife has no religious obligation to take the beating. She can ask for and get divorce any time. The suggestion applies only in the case when the husband is seriously disturbed by a prolonged nasty behaviour on the part of the wife but neither he nor the wife is as yet seriously thinking of breaking up.
c) If the husband beats a wife without respecting the limits set down by the Quran and Hadith, then she can take him to court and if ruled in favor has the right to apply the law of retaliation and beat the husband as he beat her.
d) Some fuqaha (Muslim jurists) are of the opinion that beating is permissible but not advisable. They base their view on the fact that the Prophet intensely disliked the action. But to say that beating is only permissible but never advisable is to say that there is never any good in it but the husband can nevertheless resort to it if he wants to; in other words he can beat up his wife without any good reason. This, however, is a view that cannot possibly be attributed to the Book of God. We can expect the Holy Qur'an to mention beating only if there was some wisdom in that mention. Now there are two possible points of wisdom in the mention. First, the beating done within the limits defined by the Qur'an may indeed bring the husband and wife to some kind of understanding. This is not because of the pain involved, which in any case cannot be too much if the guidance in the Quran and Hadith are to be observed. Rather, the husband and wife may come closer together after beating because of the emotions involved. The wife may experience the depth of hurt and disturbance her nushuz is causing and if there is any love left among them may decide for that reason to change her conduct. It seems from observations of human behaviour know that a show of male physical energy can sometimes bring a woman out of a prolonged bad mood (5) even though this energy may be seemingly directed against her in the form of angry words or a slap, provided in this manifestation of energy there is an undercurrent of love and desire for the woman and no real harm is done to the woman. In the situation with which the present verse is dealing, it is understood that in his heart the husband does have some love and desire for the wife. For, he has the option of divorcing her but he is not taking that option. Of course, there are husbands who neither love their wives nor divorce them, but keep them to punish them or exploit them. But we are not dealing with this situation here, since the assumption is that ill-will (nushuz) is from the wife's side. As for the argument that the Prophet intensely disliked beating, we can say that his intense dislike was for the type of beating done outside the limits set down by God. Second, the mention of beating may have the wisdom, ironically, to protect wives against what is called wife battering. The Quran does not always combat undesirable behavior by legal prohibition but by some other means. Experience also shows that legal prohibition of an action may not always be the most effective method to stop it. The Quran by requiring that before any beating there should be admonishing and separation of beds is providing a more effective measure against wife battering, since battering is the result of uncontrollable anger or aggression and this anger or aggression can be tamed during admonishing and separation of beds. No statistics exist, but I feel confident that if we research the behavior of men in different religious groups over a long enough period and a vast enough area of the globe, we will find that the incidents of cases of wife battering and other forms of cruelty to women have been less, both in terms of numbers and seriousness, among Muslims than in other groups.
"But if they obey you, then seek nothing against them". Here obey means that the wife accepts the husband's fair and justified demands or expectations. "Seek nothing against them" means that after the wife has abandoned nushuz and returned to the decent way one partner in marriage should behave towards the other, the husband should forgive and forget the past and start a new page.
"Behold, God is most high and great". These words are meant for both the husband and the wife. Above them both is God in whose name they were joined in marriage. The husband should not forget that the greater physical strength and the superior earning power which give him a certain advantage in marriage comes from God. He should not, therefore, try to push this advantage to unjustified limits. In particular, he should not expect to be the lord and master of the wife.
At the same time the wife should realize that her nasty behaviour is causing a lot of unhappiness to all the family, to herself, to the husband and to the children and other close relatives. She cannot do this to the near ones without displeasing God and without paying for it in some way.