The Terrorism


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The claim of supremacy in religion, race, language, etc breeds terrorism. The God of universe is the God of mankind and not god of any ethical group. But the groups are too much selfish to believe that the God is on their side. Every group cherishes the belief that the God has given them special preference to others. The preferences claimed are in respect of holy personalities, saints, books, the way and language they worship in. They think that every- thing which belongs to their cult is superior, so the others should follow. Moreover their cult will supercede in this world and will be rewarded in the everlasting world after death/re-creation.

Such desires of supremacy/selfishness breed hatred and consequently terrorism.
[Our rivals have been claiming superiority. Now we have gained power. Now we are superior and our reverend instead of theirs. They have been undermining our sermons and way of worship now we do theirs. We have been suffering at their hands now we shall punish them. They have been doing injustice to us but we do justice because we are right and they are wrong.]
Every person has his/her selfishness with him/her. He/she is pleased when listens the good qualities of every thing which belongs to him/her and is angry on bad remarks. The spiritual/ reverend personalities and which is attributed to these personalities are held in highest possible esteem. Therefore this causes deep rooted divisions. All praises for the God and the God only, but most humans are not pleased to listen this exclusively. Being the God of whole mankind, this does not satisfy their selfishness.

This selfishness can be identified and can be gotten rid of with wisdom. A true believer in the God has this wisdom and is capable of up holding the best moral/ human values in the situation and circumstances in which a non-believer can fail.
Selfishness causes injustice, anger, revolt, hostilities, enmities and wars. These wars are not in the name of the God but just to satisfy their selfishness. Then there are cruelties, terrorism, and etc-----.
War is justified if it is to protect/help the justice, innocence, wronged, and oppressed. Self protection, if attacked is a basic right. Believers in the God understand better these justifications.

Don’t kill me, this is inhumanly,
To torture in such a way is un-Godly,
To pierce the flesh, to break the bones,
To insert the bullets, to cut the throat,
Of any one who hasn’t done any harm to you?
Who neither attempted nor intended,
To kill any of you is sheer brutality.

Listen to me and hold a while,
I am not that you take me for,
Believe me, I am not your enemy,
Yes, I was born in those,
I know you and they are each others foes,
This is not my fault, the God, the God,
This is not my choice, absolutely not.

Listen to me and hold a while,
Don’t you have your sisters and brothers?
Mothers and fathers and children you love,
Friends and dears, those who will miss you much,
And feel a great agony, if any one of you,
Is caught in such a situation like me,
Will they not wail and sigh,
On such a death if you are to die.

Listen to me and hold a while,
It seems that you don’t want to heed,
You are bent to do what you intend to do,
Be not in haste, are you getting late?
Allow me few moments to pray the God,
The God of mankind, God of Arabs and Jews,
The God of all, Christian, Muslims and Hindus,
O! My God, only you are The God, The God.
Jehovah himself examines the righteous one as well as the wicked one, and anyone loving violence his soul certainly hates psalm 11;5........... the true God is not on the side of anyone doing violence

Then Jesus said to him: "Return your sword to its place, for all those who take the sword will perish by the sword.... matthew 26;52

(Genesis 9:6) Anyone shedding man’s blood, by man will his own blood be shed, for in God’s image he made man


I think if fundamentals of any religion are strictly observed, the result is suppression, intolerance and terrorism also. Chriatian clergies and nobles were suppressive untill the general public gained freedom from them and now a days are called civilized. Hindu religion's cast system was much suppressive and their pundits enjoyed high esteem and low casts suffered miserable degradation.

I think that almost all religions as compared to Islam have adopted flexibility and therfore tolerance so you people, Muslims themself and others suffer. Think about practability and justification of such divine orders mentioned in the holy book.

Cut his/her left hand at first act of theft and right at the second.

Kill to death by stoning or lashing at a public place who being married commit adultary and those who are not married be given half punishment and that is fifty Islamic lashes. I myself observed that those who did not keep fast in holy month of Ramadhan were beaten by lashes under the regim of gereral Zia ul Haq in Islamic repiblic of Pakistan. It was the time of Jihad (Islamic holy war) against Russia in Afghanistan.

Conquer non Islamic countries or areas. Kill and fight in the name of God untill they become believers or accept to live under the Islamic rule as second class humans and pay tax to Islamic regime. I have heard many renowned religious scholars that democracy is non Islamic. In fact they say that freedom is non Islamic and Shriah (Islamic laws) should be strictly observed.

Kill any one who converts from Islam to any other faith and becomes a non Muslim so it is binding upon all Muslims to remain so. They have to be Muslims by their own will or not. Does the God like such forced obedience?

Many such religious holy orders need justification though the clergies say that the holy orders need not any justification by humans. I think Muslim scholars should explain such rulings properly if not try to justify them. I am not a learned person or the scholar to do so though I am also a Muslim by birth and therefore upto now also.

The causes and history of terrorism have proved the truth of the Biblical statement: "Man has dominated man to his injury." (Ecclesiastes 8:9)

God’s Son, Jesus Christ, will soon eliminate all injustice as well as those responsible for it. In God’s righteous new system, terrorism and violence of every kind will be things of the past. Then everyone on earth will live in security, free from fear of any harm.—Revelation 21:3, 4

The Bible promises that God will soon eliminate all oppression and injustice

God’s Kingdom government by Christ is the only solution to mankind’s problems.Matthew 6:9, 10