Moving stress. Aarh!

Elizabeth May

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Well I've not been around a for whil as some of you may have noticed! We got to move out of our pokey little flat and moved across Nottingham into a small house. It's all been a silly rush and lots of hectic stress and aarhh!
I think we're finally settled a bit now! There are boxes everywhere and many aren't opened and it doesn;t help that Andy is at work most days to pay our ridiculous mortgage. There's time to relax now and I can chat again! Sorry if you missed me and happy that you cared and if you didn't I'll blow you a raspberry anyway!
I'm just so glad to be able to stop running around for a moment.
Bliss is foot up and slippers off with a hot cup of tea and a jammie dodger!
Ah, so that's why you've not been around. :)

Glad to see everything has become a little more relaxed - certainly welcome to put your feet up in here. :)
Congratulations on the move! We moved in July, and are still working on getting things unpacked ;-) Of course, there's those 4 boxes from the *last* move (6 years ago) that never got unpacked.....

.... Bruce
Heh, those unpacked boxes are quite a habit. :)
We have the little room stacked full of little boxes already! I'm too whacked to open them all for a bit. Too much work! Already been busy like silly. Time to relax. Oh please let me relax!
I'll try to unpack them before we move next!
Ahhh moving days..I recall all those sweaty-hard working-labor days. :)