City Of 10,000 Buddhas


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I always knew the City of 10,000 Buddhas existed little over 5 Miles away five miles away but I never knew how big the temple is in Western Buddhism. My hometown of Ukiah California has a couple major Buddhist temples, one of them being City of 10,000 Buddhas. [font=&quot]Recreantly[/font] I found that this temple back in my hometown is actually the biggest Buddhist temple in the Western Hemisphere:eek:. Imagine that! And to think I have never been there before:rolleyes:.

Has anyone ever been to this temple in Ukiah Valley (located in Talmage)?
Imagine my surprise!

About 11-12 years ago, I visited when I was a confused 19 year old (as opposed to a confused 30 year old) who was thinking of giving up the home life. While that turned out to not be the path for me, I have nothing but kind words for the people there. It was a beautiful place, and I don't expect that has changed.

I also didn't know it was the largest in the hemisphere. It's Chan Buddhism, if I recall correctly.
Yes Silverbackman,

Born in Petaluma, changing my religious beliefs, got very interested in Buddhism took a walk through the city...very peaceful.You didn't see many monks with an empty rice bowl in Ukiah looking for alms? Guerneville just built a billion dollar temple also. Found this much closer and what I needed at the time