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I believe that the God created universe and everything. The God gave mankind the sensibility to discern between good and evil, therefore liable to reward and punishment. This is the only base of my belief and nothing more.
Bullay Shah (a Punjabi mystic poet) says,
“Oh, Bullah you are the ashiq (profound lover) of the God, therefore millions of condemnations for you” (by the people), they call you, “non-believer”. You say, “Yes, yes”. (I am).
In the holy books of Jews, Christians, Muslims there are personalities, places, and stories alike and not alike. These things do not matter. The only main purpose was/is to guide the mankind, and I think miss interpretations are there. Hindus have their deities, (sharing powers) which are against my belief. I believe in Almighty one God. However there isn’t any harm, if they continue narrating stories as the Greeks and Italians do. Every nation, region has its own traditions, customs etc. These are not objectionable if not against the basic human rights or do not harm others feelings. The high human values are much appreciable, liked and rewarded by the God.
A few centuries ago Australia, Americas and some other parts of the world were unknown to the people of the known world. The natives of these regions didn’t know and couldn’t know about religions practiced in the rest of the world. Were they to be blamed for that? God forbid! The God did not give them the opportunity to join one of the best religions? Is the God so unfair and unjust? No, I do not believe in such a God, sending messengers in one part of the world and keep depriving others. The people should have been given guidance by the God. We cannot name the personalities or the means because we don’t know. Any body seeking the truth or searching the God is sure to find out. Is not the God omnipresent? Yes the God is and ask the humans, “If there is any body who wants to search me. I am much closer to you than any else can be.” Of course sincerity is pre-requisite.
The people pray to Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs God or the deities of their religion they like. They like these on various grounds, the religion of their forefathers, the land, region, faction etc. They also seek the guidance from the God under the preconditions that it must be according to their cherished religion.

To lay pre-conditions before Almighty is insensible and unjust. Be a human and not the Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs or Germans, Russians, Americans, Spanish, Arabians, Indians, black, white etc. The God created you humans. You adopted all these divisions, when you grew up, your selfishness bred prejudice and bigotry.
I believe that if a person, who is sensible enough and is willing to release him/her from all the above-mentioned divisions, is totally sincere in searching for the God or seeking guidance then he/she is granted, which he/she seeks. This is most necessary to reach this point for guidance or inspiration from the God. This believer might be any one or anywhere in the world. Surrendering entirely before the God and leaving obstinacy is must. Once a person attains this goal, he/she is not only forgiven but is loved by the God.
Only the God is most lovable and the God loves mankind. Unlike religions faith in the God is not a heritage.
Oh father, my loving father, I have some questions in my mind,
You have been answering to me but now I am grown up,
And the complexities of life and nature confuse me much,
I have ever looked upon you for the satisfaction and truth.

Oh father, why there are many disparities among humans,
Some live rich life having much more than their just needs,
Some are denied bread though they embrace begging disgrace,
Why the God doesn’t feed them and shelter poor and weak.

Oh father, tell me why the earth quakes, to demolish Poor house,
How helpless is he when his dears give up to the fatal disease,
Somewhere drought threatens life and somewhere rain ruins the hopes,
Many die under scorching sun and many do not endure shivering cold.

Oh father, tell me why battles are fought and mighty crushes weak,
Many die and many cry and victory dances over death and blood,
Widows cry, mothers sigh, while fathers kneel down over dying sons,
Sorry father it makes me much sad and you say that the God is Merciful.

My son, my dear son, you are a good sensible child,
I hope the God will guide you as you seek way to the God,
The God is Merciful and he loves those who feel mercy,
To solace you is my duty but answers you ask I do not have.

Sooner or later every body has to die and rich one also suffers,
To some the God puts into tests and to some He gives a long rope,
Many times the God changes ups to downs and downs to ups,
Even then humans do not understand and share the devil’s pride.

The devil teaches them to be proud of groups, religions and races,
So they fight against each other as devil is enemy to the God and humans,
The God’s believers are not quarrelsome but loving as you are,
Pray the God, my son, and be sure that the God cares for everyone.
hi akbar:)

i am just curious why do you call God 'THE' God, instead of just God?
it would be like me greeting you and saying THE AKBAR.

These are petty matters. Your suggestion may be right. I have nothing more to say about.
akbar said:

These are petty matters. Your suggestion may be right. I have nothing more to say about.

umm. ok! it was a sincere question but sorry for asking.