Monism and my God


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The God Knows each and everything, which was, is and will be. The God is neither he nor she but only for our convenience in expression, we call him He, having no beginning and no end. He created the universe. The God, who is almighty, omnipotent, omni present, and is aware of the minutest movements in it, neither is He an off spring of any nor does He have any. Only He is worthy of all praises. He neither sleeps nor tires. He cares for his each and every creation and doesn’t forget. He knows what everybody speaks or has in his mind/heart. Only He knows, hidden, concealed and invisible, no one else has these qualities nor does any one share these with him. He surely listens and responds to everyone who calls or remembers him. This call should be direct and not shared by anyone, having clear belief that nobody else is worthy of likewise calling. Nobody else is compulsory to be believed or praised, although the praises of the personalities please more to their believers. If anyone is deeply troubled [facing his own death or the dear one’s], he is most likely to shake of his polytheistic beliefs. But when relieved, he returns to the belief, which he had before and reasserts his pride having a religion, race etc. pride of any kind including that of piety is a great hindrance in way to the God.

A true believer enjoys the satisfaction, which others cannot. He believes that all events happen according to the God’s will and God knows better than he. So he prays the God, asks for his favors and doesn’t complain. He believes that what so ever happens is God’s will and the God is always right. When he gains something he praises the God for His benevolence when he looses something he seeks the God’s help, might be sad full of sorrows with weeping but not agitating.
Once a God’s man lived outside a village that used to say thanks God [it happened]. In that village a boy, much loved by his parents and relatives died. They went to that man for consolation, praying and seeking explanation as to why that event happened. The man expressed his sympathy but also said; “thanks God”. The villagers were very much annoyed at his saying thanks God and planned to teach him a lesson. The man used to go on a morning walk on a way outside his hut. They sat on the way to hurt that man. On that day before the man’s reaching that place, where they were waiting for him, his foot twisted causing severe pain. His disciples took him back to the hut. After waiting sometime villagers came to the hut and expressed sorrow at his injury. As he said thanks God (it happened). The villagers were much ashamed. They told him their plan, asked him to forgive them for their ignorance. After that incident they became his disciples.
Once a God’s man was traveling in hot weather. He was bare footed. He complained to the God for not giving him a pair of shoes. While he was walking, he saw a man without feet (severed accidentally). The God’s man was much repentant on his desire of having shoes and thanked God for his healthy complete body.
A person should be grateful to the God for having food, health, sincere friends, loving spouse, obedient sons/daughters and each & everything which cannot be mentioned here. This is God’s benevolence and not which he deserves. Be thankful to a person who helps you, but praise the God by whose will he came to your help and who made-up his mind for this help. To seek the God’s mercy and benevolence is must. Nobody has a claim on the God, no matter how pious he is. All are Gods blessings.
I have already written on one supreme nature which the God has given to mankind. For example no civilization ever praised the cruelty, disloyalty, unfaithfulness, lying, selfishness etc. No creation of the God is purposeless. Each and every creation has an assigned task. Even the animals have the sense of loyalty etc., but being naturally inferior often prove cruel and selfish. They have no values, so these were created to serve the humans.
The love between human relations is not guaranteed. The God created that love among them, but although in very rare cases even the close relatives turn enemies to each other. Sometimes closest friends do much harm than the fatal enemies. If a man enjoys these loves, he should be grateful to the God. The God wants mankind to love each other but only God’s love for mankind is absolutely reliable. To seek the God’s blessings in each and every relation, in each and every deed and in all times, is must.
Bullhey Shah [a mystic poet] says:
Hajis [pilgrims] go to Mecca; we shall go to Takhat Hazara [home town of the hero of a classical love story]. Where the beloved lives, there is Kabbah [most holy place of Muslims], as you see the four books [zabboor (book of David), torah, bible, Koran]

Do you listen? You gods, gods of communities and groups,
Why you divide the mankind to hate and fight?
Why you teach them to be cruel and to be proud?
Why don’t you fight yourselves against each other?

To keep your existence wars are must,
To keep you in minds pride is necessary,
Struggle hard lest the mankind believes in one God,
Keep them deceiving, you deceivers, lest you die.

I believe you don’t listen and you are not the living gods,
This is the devil that befools mankind as he is their enemy,
He misleads selfish humans to create their own gods,
So they become misers, wicked and betray each others faith.

Oh the God! You help your believers, help in your name,
You are the protector, the merciful, protect in your name,
The believers of gods threaten us not to speak of your name,
They say that they can be merciless and merciless they are.