Aleister Crowley - a fraud?

Hello to all.

Aleister Crowley is one of the most misunderstood writers of all time.
The ultimate essence of his work seemed, to me, to be provocation ...for one to think for his or herself.
I can't believe this thread spans several years and still no one mentioned Ozzy Osbourne. :)

Let's go back to Crowley, please !

I found something interesting about him. Did you know his life rule was : 'Do what you want to' ?

In his theory, each individual has to find a pourpose in life (or goal ) and do everything in his power to reach that purpose/goal.

It seems the hippy generation found the idea interesting and they have used it.:)

The "hippy generation" also took on Nero's cross.... What conclusion should we come to?.... :)
that was a fantastic guitarist..

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from their fruits ye shall know them.....
pretty much sums it up about him,take a look at what he did during his life.....not exactly the kind of guy you'd want to take as a guru or adept to learn from.
Naw, he was REAL! AC went to Mexico I think, or around that area where he developed his Yoga to the extreme. My Yoga teacher informes me that thru diligent training Siddhas can be attained. Well, the rest we all know.
Hope this helps