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By the name of God the almighty, who created the mankind on a nature most liked by him? He is pleased when any human chooses the way to him despite all the inducements and remains constant. He is the true and real guardian of mankind. He is omnipotent, omnipresent, doesn’t sleep. He is benevolent and merciful. Being the almighty, He over powers anger and pleasure also. Being the almighty, He neither feels elevated nor depressed.

He gave mankind most of his good qualities except those that only He is worthy of, so the morals were/are the same and will remain same in all civilizations. Some religions claim that they have superior rules and manners to follow because the God specially gave these to their group. This is a false accusation. The God isn’t and cannot be so unjust. How can he create such inequalities, being the creator of mankind and a true guardian? All the efforts and purposes were to have good social behaviors and rules can change from time to time and region to region. E.g. religions might have stressed upon an individuals freedom but democracy as a whole was never introduced which is no doubt the best form of government, if the civilization allows it. Communities should demonstrate tolerance and forbearance, if they do not, their religion or the people who believe are on the wrong.

Some societies impose restrictions upon individuals about the food they take, especially liquor. A person is human if he/she is in his/her senses. These senses make humans the superior creation. Any thing should not be taken if it makes a person lose senses. This act is harmful for the person, for the society and very much disliked by the God. The much intoxication is much harmful and much disliked. Loosing one’s senses willingly even as a result of anger etc. is harmful, and not liked by the God. A person cannot pray and should not pray if not in senses. This is a matter of intoxication and not especially of liquor, otherwise humans are free to take anything, which is neat and clean and is not harmful for health. The God doesn’t want compulsion in faith, so the society has no right to compel a person about the timings of food etc., as it is done in some communities in the name of holydays.

In the modern civilized worlds the people have better social behaviors, but they do not have a better family life. In this respect, they have become selfish. To enjoy the time of youth, they forget their responsibilities towards their elders. They even do not give due time to their children. There isn’t any harm in enjoying the youth but sometime should be sacrificed for those who deserve it, and to deprive them of their due attention and affection is selfishness. Elders and seniors must be respected. Seniority in respect of age or relation should be acknowledged.

The God created males and females and created attraction and love among them. To make love is natural if both partners willingly do so, but humans are not animals, so some principles have to be followed in this relationship. There is a love between sister and brother, daughters and fathers, mothers and sons, real uncle and real aunts but even to discuss these relations as males and females will defile the purity of relations. Thanks God all the civilizations had/have this sense of purity.

Rules and laws cannot be made for a better family life. There can be laws for duties but not for love or respect. No agreement or rule can make people or couples love each other. The government cannot issue orders to respect the elders but to provide justice and security to the people is government’s duty. Human couples should not be only sex partners but they should have sense of deep and lasting relation. Though the separation from each other is their right but this right should be exercised after much consideration. Only a sense of lasting relationship can be the base of that love which is must for a better family life. All humans know that loyalty is a good quality. If one partner dislikes others disloyalty he/she can separate himself/herself. Their have been much discussions on polygamy. Men marry more then one woman and women do not marry more than one man. I think females/women can endure if not like the polygamy of their partners, while the males/men do not. Moreover the polygamy of women is not practicable if there are to be any off springs. This matter can also be left as personal liberties and state laws should not interfere in the matters.

The believers or the God's men/women surely have a loving nature, love for humanity and much love for their brothers, sisters, family elders, family friends, and family. The love is not exhausted by loving close relatives and friends, but the fact is if a person doesn’t love near ones, cannot love anybody and cannot love humanity. A believer doesn’t hate anybody except the cruel, unjust, selfish etc. With love humans can get rid of depression, without love real happiness is impossible. Humanity very well knows social evils, and continuous struggles are required to control and decrease evils, though the eradication is not possible.

I think your thread on God and Morality is a good idea, assuming we can engage in dialog without getting caught up in the differences between our backgrounds.

I myself am a Unitarian Universalist, and don't believe that God gives us rules whose violation God punishes, especially with everlasting torment. (There are certainly physical and psychological and social consequences of our actions, and the wise take those into account in choosing what to do; but a broken leg is not to my mind a punishment for careless skiing.) To my mind the Children of Abraham are much to focused on rules and punishment.

Like you, I'm fond of the idea that God enjoys it when we choose well. And choosing well invariably means choosing out of love. By happenstance I just this morning led a service on this theme. I'm attaching a copy in case you are interested, and would welcome any comments.


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