The God's rewards and punishments


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By the grace of God, the God of the universe, who rewards the good humans and not a particular group, punishes evil doers and not those who disagree with any group. The best reward is right guidance and belief which results in self contentment and the worst is misguidance which results in discontentment and despair. [The God surely gives the guidance, who so ever seeks it]. The God's rewards and punishments are in this world and in hereafter also. Only the God can do full justice to anybody and everybody.

Society/human beings never give complete suitable reward or punishment to anybody, having not the capability but the God wants human beings to do justice according to their potential and knowledge. For example a man killed one man and another killed three. Both are killers, but by the scale of cruelty the first might excel the second so justice does not lie with numbers or amounts etc. If a man snatched bread from a hungry person, he might deserve more punishment than one who looted millions.

No body knows who is lucky and who is unlucky. For example their were two persons one was a rich man and he could eat according to his desires and wishes, the second being poor could only eat simple bread hardly enough to feed himself . Both have a year’s time to pass. The first man was caught in a situation that he could not get anything to eat for the last five days of the year; the second got his feed for the full year. The first envied the second’s fate. There is the God's justice that all humans cannot see through, but the God's men believe in and remain contented.

A wise man said “One who saw anything which he did not possess and after seeing that did not develop a wish for that thing to be in his possession, had given that thing in charity for the God's sake. (These things may be a vehicle, building, territory, an army, power, or money etc.)

Try to understand the lines. Perhaps I shall not be able to explain it fully. This is a believer’s contentment and also a scale for measuring real nobility but only the God can measure it. The noble man believes in the God's will and is ever pleased with his God. He believes that which God has given him is not only sufficient for him but only that much is good for him. The scale of nobility being the point where a man loses his patience and wishes those things to be in his/her possession which he/she does not have. He is happy with his fate because the God made it. All these things are consumable and will be spent, even the life itself will be consumed and this period seems to him too short. He believes that only the God is worthy of handling the universe and each and every thing in it. The God is handling it very justly so no complaint of any sort, this is contentment.

Can you imagine the reward of this the God's man? Can he be rewarded in this world? NO! He serves the purpose of creation of mankind and universe by the God, and the God very justly created these. Had there not been such nobles, there would not have been any creation. Every human can rise to such nobility but the devil is there to lead astray humans (the enemy of the God, the enemy of mankind, center of unlimited curses).

Here is a wise saying “one who killed a human without any justification, he killed whole humanity.” Every individual member of humanity is himself humanity, being trustee of the God given values. We call these human values, human rights etc. A believer of the God understands and can interpret these values far much better. As a believer he can uphold and protect these values even at the risk of his life.

To do an action only for the God's sake is spirituality. (The sake should be unshared, only the God, only one God) the action should not be for a custom, tradition including religious applause, appreciation or any other gain. If there is any other purpose then this is not the God's sake. If any action is done for the God's sake only then does the God rewards, and only then he measure the sincerity of that action, sincerity matters and not the quantity, amounts or numbers of the prayers, fasts, alms etc. The God is not at all concerned about the so called manners and procedures of the religious groups. Only the God knows the intentions- good or bad. He is the judge, only he rewards or punishes; only he has the power to do this.

Lucky/ Unlucky

Lucky is the person, who is enjoying life,
Who is he and who is she, who is that lucky?
One who eats well or wears well?
One who is rich enough or one who eats and lives
One who lives in a palace or one in a cottage?
One having sons and daughters or one having none
One who gains repute or unknown who dies?
Has tomb on his grave or unmarked that lies?

It is said that lucky are born rich,
Worry nothing and smoothly they live,
Being envied by others satisfies them much,
Even then despair often gives them a bitter touch.

It is said that healthy ones are lucky,
They enjoy life better than the sick,
They also fear the loss of their health,
And certainly, only health is not the life itself.

The clergy says, he knows who are lucky,
Those who agree with him and doesn’t dissent,
He guarantees for them the paradise of the God,
The place of eternal pleasures he reserves for them.

The people say, those who unite are lucky,
They gain strength to protect and excess,
They threaten the weak and power they show,
Then to have a natural fall prouder they grow.

Are those lucky who live unto the old age?
They live longer but feeble and frail,
Disfigured in shape, a burden for youth and young,
They also love the life, as love all that lives.

Lucky or unlucky I am, I don’t know,
I haven’t knowledge and power to compete or apprehend,
My lord, the lord of the universe, I am yours and yours only,
So help me, guide me, and take me as a whole.

If you accept me, lucky or unlucky doesn’t matter,
I feel then much satisfied and I am much grateful,
The devil some times makes me feel that I am great,
Even then forgive me my lord, you are the merciful.