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Mankind has been worshiping the God or their deities from their beginning. Names of religions and ways of worship differ but people have been asking favors from the invisible power or powers all over the world in all times. They used to perform various types of rituals for their satisfaction. Most of mankind inherited their rituals and ways of worship from their ancestors and often followed them very strictly. Many types of sacrifices were/are offered and to safeguard religions and rituals armies fought furiously against each other. Warriors laid down their lives and killed others to please their concerned deities and to win much strong favors.

The God almighty, the creator of universe hasn’t any specific shape, body, dimension, etc. He is invisible, was never seen and will never be seen till universe collapses or the existing world ends by his will. The God almighty is the creator of life and all necessities of life. He is omnipotent and omnipresent. Such God requires, demands utmost respect and love by his believers and none else is worthy and can be worthy of likewise. Many humans longed for and tried to make the God visible as they were not contented with his invisibility. They felt easy to believe in visible gods or deities than an invisible God. This change continued with many alterations with many diversities from region to region and groups to groups. Feelings of inheritance from their forefathers and passage of time added much reverence to such beliefs and basis of many strong religions were established. Messengers or believers of the God have been struggling to recall humanity towards one true belief, the belief which was and will remain unchanged from very beginning of humanity till it ends.

You have seen many lovers loving sights, things and all attributions of their beloveds, when they were/are not present before them. This provides them a sort of consolation. Attributes of respected saints of different religions were/are held sacred and holy wars were also fought on base of such sacred nesses. Portraits and sculptures were/are made to embody the invisible or not physically present, so gods and deities were embodied to feel that worshiped were/are present physically and visible. Selfishness enticed upon groups to have their deities different from each other and to claim some sort of preference over other’s, each group wishing sacred ness of their own deities above others’.

The God almighty is the God of universe, the God of mankind, so instinct of grouping in selfish humans is not satisfied and they feel tendency of having something special or superior. Such feelings of supremacy were/are causes of different religions spread all over world; otherwise the religion of the God was and will remain same from the beginning of mankind till it ends; the very simple belief that the God almighty is one with no essential additions at all.

Epics were written relating to different mythologies which contain battle of deities, one group of deities fighting against other. These deities had human like emotions, sufferings and pleasures, so the stories seem interesting. These deities as characterized in these epics were wounded, suppressed, overwhelmed, laughed and pleased. Mortal’s feelings were/are put in immortal deities. Such epics are interesting fairy tales intermixed with human like wishes, sorrows and pleasures. Human idealism created some characters as heroes and lovable. The God's universe is absolutely one unit and no deity interferes. He doesn’t need any one’s help as He is the almighty, the sole creator of universe and each and every thing in it. He rules universe very justly with out any one’s help or interference, by his will and not according to any individual’s or group’s wishes.