The Changing World


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The world has changed much and we all are aware about the degree of change. We have been told about Stone Age and alike primitive societies but we are not quite sure about timings and history of these changes. We have dug out from earth some well established civilizations. How those perished or when perished? We do not know what exactly happened to them. One thing we know that they had their organized system of life and society. Even in recent times there have been humans in some parts of the world, wearing no clothes, having no permanent homes, villages or town; living most primitive life that humans could live.

As we know humans have been on the progress, building new settlements, villages, towns, and cities. Building of boats and sailings in the waters had been an ancient art but according to the history we know, it was modern civilization that sailed across the oceans, making discoveries of new land and eventually every inch of our world was explored. How mankind spread over all these vast lands so far from each other, we don’t know at all. The civilized world also explored undeveloped and underdeveloped regions/societies of world, governed them and after all they won their freedom or were granted. The ruling civilizations no doubt left them more orderly, more educated, and more civilized than they were before their rule. Many such nations and people also adopted religions of governing nations. In many cases religion they had before were eccentric, unrealistic so these changes were also comparatively better changes. Even nowadays comparatively unrealistic religions are losing ground. Most people continue to follow such religions as traditions and customs of their land and forefathers so they don’t like to part with.

The mankind had never such freedom before as it has now though individual freedom to humans is not yet granted or partially granted in many parts of world. No doubt we humans have made a great progress with regard to society, civilization, life, freedom, mutual understanding and you may say in field of religions also. Life seems to be much safe, settled and easy especially in developed countries though in under developed countries it is still very hard. There have been tremendous successes in all sorts of technologies making life much easy and humans in advanced countries don’t want to imagine life with out these facilities. Modern communications and telecommunications have brought people much closer world over.

World never experienced such settled boundaries a century or two ago. There weren’t any passports and people could move in different regions with out any documents. Nearly a century ago there wasn’t any notion of over population and there were many uncultivated lands lying in different regions and there weren’t any endangered species of birds or animals. Sources of land and water weren’t thought to be limited or consumable. No weapons of mass destruction were invented and no harms to nature or environments were noticeable. It is with help of modern science and technology that we are able to know that the natural sources are also measurable and can be said endangered. Life continued almost on same pattern as it had been hundred thousands years ago or more than that, before advent of modern civilization; huge changes, huge facilities, also strange worries that were never known before. Scientists are trying to explore the very beginning of human life and life itself.

The people of this modernized world are making efforts to make life safer than ever before and they don’t want to go through any horrible event which could harm their settled and peaceful life. They do think that their prosperity will rather make more gains. This is a genuine human wish; therefore need not to be criticized. Rivals of past are now friends and allies, wish for peace among humans is increasing. This is also a good sign. The mankind never before had peace keeping bodies or any peace awards. Efforts are being made for a settled world order and to over come uncertainties, which seem to be much great in the past.

Why such changes happened to be in recent years or you can say centuries? Why mankind didn’t have such progresses many centuries before? Is this a chance or people in old ages weren’t so intelligent? If this is a chance then does the God want this world of us to reach a culmination point? The humans had/have been striving for all kinds of certainties pertaining to their life but great progresses many times brought great disasters, as we witnessed in world wars etc. We want or not, we wish or not; the changes are inevitable and natural. No certainties could ever be granted and can never be granted. This world is heading towards changes or only a BIG change. Are you ready? When these changes are going to happen and what will be nature of such changes? Only the God knows, might be too near. Many religions call this big change, “the Day of Judgment”. For believers of the God, such changes or change may not be astounding or harassing but for others they will be. Believe the God, for only He can bless you with satisfaction which you require and not your self created certainties; though self protection and to strive for better life and atmosphere is human.