The Necessities Of Human Life


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Humans lived and are living their lives in different situations and circumstances. Health, riches, power, honor are considered positive; while sickness, poverty, weakness and disgrace are taken as negative aspects of life. Besides these important aspects there are some other aspects which bring happiness to life. Happiness is the real motive to achieve, it may be with all, some, or none of these, no doubt important aspects. Other than spiritual and non-physical aspects of love and peace, there are inseparable physical aspects.

A human cannot be happy in extreme hunger, thirst, pain, sickness or suppression. He/she has to be relieved of all such sufferings before expecting normal behavior from him/her. Only then anybody can talk to him/her of spirituality or love but if any body knows that his/her fellow human is suffering from one of these and doesn’t strive to relieve that human from these sufferings, hasn’t got any sort of spirituality in himself/herself also. So to relieve such persons from their sufferings is much Godly. Don’t you think that to have three or four pieces of bread and not to offer one to an extreme hungry person is inhumanly? To have any inclination towards spirituality is good and if anybody has any awareness about it, the God wants him to call others to share it with him, so it becomes necessary. When a human isn’t under pressure of the above mentioned sufferings, then there comes an other physical necessity of human life and that is having a sex partner. This desire is also a God given desire, so it is natural and need not be suppressed but some rules and ethics have to be observed because humans live socially, are supreme creation of the God and not animals. It is observed that sometimes this desire of humans becomes abnormal and crosses limits of decency; it harms the ethics of a civilized society and also possibility of spirituality in such humans is much harmed. To live a normal life doesn’t mean suppression of this natural desire and necessity. Extreme selfishness in any aspect of life is harmful.

The world is now developing as a global village and it becomes binding upon all humanity to strive for availability of these necessities of life to those who haven’t. Good humans are kind to their families, neighborhood, localities, nations and also humanity in general. There is a natural level of fulfilling these basic necessities. A person in acute hunger requires food and not a costly meal, and a person dying of thirst does not desire a branded soft drink but only simple water. Similarly a person in extreme hot or cold needs and wishes for a shelter and not a fine majestic building. Those who have ever experienced such situations know very well, what they desired at that time; if not now when they are not facing the calamities. If some humans have these basic necessities, they can be happier than those who have much in addition to these basic necessities, even a good health may not be purchasable. Many other sufferings are not avoidable by availability of better sources.

We can't define perfectly what honor is? In some parts of the world, it is a mixture of power, riches, majority, etc. Honor isn’t a basic necessity of human life but those who have it, try to make life of those who haven’t miserable. They want to remind continuously that they have and others haven’t, otherwise their honor would mean nothing. With help of their so called honor, they make suppression and often aggression. Not honor but to remain safe from terror and suppression of those who have it, can be called a necessity of human life. The God’s humans won love from humanity and not necessarily honor or any so called honor.

Then there are spiritual necessities, such as necessity of love, love of children, families, friends, community, humanity and the God. For example; ask a mother the value of her baby; she may not be ready to part with even for wealth of whole world so the spiritual necessity can not be measured in material gains. There can be such love among other human relations, so love and spirit of sacrifice for others are spiritual aspects of human life. If this aspect of human life is not satisfactory, there can’t be any real happiness or happiness at all. This is appetite of soul and must be quenched. Sometimes this starvation makes life worst. Persons not having any sort of love in their lives are real and actual destitute. Humans in love with each other in all their relations are really happy and those who love the God make a whole of it, on much solid grounds and gain a depth in satisfaction which only they can have. Those who don’t love humanity can not love the God and are not the God’s humans.
An ex wealthy to an ex destitute,

Listen please, havn't you any concernings?

Are now you and I out of all misconceptions?

Is gone the time and gone all the differences?

Are gone the days when you and I were livings?

Yes, I was considered lucky with all the havings,

And you were a destitute having almost nothing,

It passed so quickly as worth not considering,

Time passed as no time, we lived as not livings.

Yes, I was unconcerned towards people like you,

Involved in so called progress I never heed to,

You lacked but not and I progressed but not also,

Gone would be inequalaties so quickly I never knew.

I left a lot and you did not,

Wealth, repute and honor so called,

Gone is Gone and death equalizes all,

Vanity, vanity it was; alas, alas.

Nobility is sincerity, it resides in human hearts,

Sincerity in feelings, sincerity in all thoughts,

The God values sincerity, not vanity, no not,

Perhaps I would lack, perhaps you would surpass.