High-energy people


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I've been told that I am a "high-energy/low control" person. what does this mean exactly? The lady who told me this was the leader of a wiccian meet-up group. I actually came over just to listen to what she had to say and when she began talking about how she could feel auras she went around the group describing certain peoples energy..some people were described as having a "smoothe" aura..or "kind of dim"..but when she got to me she said very matter of factly "you have a HALO around you". apparently my energy is just spilling out over the top. the lady i talked to didn't really elaborate as much as I would have wanted. could anyone here give me more info?
I would guess they were saying you're a hyperactive sort of person. Maybe not physically but psychically.

The only real way to know what they meant is to ask them directly.