the Charity (As-sadaqah Al-jareyah)


In the Name of God
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Some ideas about "As-sadaqah Al-jareyah" (the Charity that would keep to be reckoned by Allah after the death of the human)
1- Buy Holy Qur'an copies (masa7ef) and give them to people who can read, each time they read you will gain "a reward" .
2- Buy wheel chair and send it to a humble hospital or to handicapped people who can't afford to buy any, each time they use it, you will gain " a reward ".
3- Give scientific, Islamic or any valuable books to people who can read them. Each time they read or benefit from its knowledge, you will gain " a reward ".
4- Visit universities, institutes or schools, ask about the poor students who love to learn but can't afford buying the text books. Buy it to them , or pay the cost of the tuition fees. Each time they read the books you gave them or each time they use the science you helped them to get, you will gain " a reward ".
5- Forward "Ad3eya" “prayers” through e-mail, or teach "a prayer" to someone, or buy books of "prayers" and give them to people, each time they read them or recall them you will gain " a reward ".
6- Give scientific or Islamic CD's, when each time they are used, you will gain " a reward ".
7- Put "masahef " “number of Holy Quran books” in the mosque, when you know that there is a mosque under construction, go and buy anything to participate in building it, or anything even a trash bin or a mat or fix a "a prayer" wallpaper. As long as this mosque is still standing, with your humble share, you will gain " a reward ".
8- Buy a water cooler and place it in a public area, and you'll gain " a reward ", whenever it is used.
9- Plant a tree. Any person or any animal sits under its shadow or eat its
fruits, you will gain " a reward ".
10- Teach.
11- Raise your children properly.
12- Be good to people so that they remember you after your death and pray for you.
There are thousands of doors for "As-sadaqat Al-jareyah", just do anything of your ability. You don't guarantee that anybody you know, will do these things for you after your death. You may die far away from your beloved people, so do "sadaqat jaryeh" before your death, and they will remain as a source of " a reward " to you. They could lead you to heaven and prevent you from hell.
Send this article to everyone you know, or print it and give a copy to everyone you know. It will insha'a Allah be a "sadaqa jareyah", and you'll gain "hasanat" “rewards” when anyone reads or practices it till the doomsday.
Jazakm Allah 5ayran