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quote pohaikawahine:...... and then one day in a flash of thought (you might even call it an very small revelation) came to me "we all got it wrong and it has nothing to do with the color white" .... all the ancient chants and legends and prophecies are telling us about "light" not "white" and when we draw it or try to visualize it, the only color we see is something close to "white", but it is "light" that will come and not a "white man" ....
quote agnideva The Puranas have multiple authors and were written and edited over a period of more than a millennium. With regards to the Bhavishya Purana, an more apt name may be Bhuta (past) purana, as its contents are, more likely than not, a result of hindsight rather than foresight. The only real prophesy it has is that of the coming of Kalki at the end of the Kaliyuga. This is, of course, my personal opinion, and anyone is free to disagree :).

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That was pretty interesting. The christian Bible NT also depicts a rider on a white horse, but with a sword "coming out of his mouth" and eyes as a flame of fire".

The OT [especially Ezekiel/Jeremiah] also depicts similar events. I will read more on Kalki as I had no idea there was a similarity for the coming of the Lord to smite evil off the land. Pretty fascitnating.
Thanks for that.

Reve 19:11 And I saw heaven, set open, and lo! a white horse, and, he that was sitting thereon, [[called]] Faithful, and True; and, in righteousness, doth he judge and make war; 12 and, his eyes, are a flame of fire, and, upon his head, are many diadems, having, a name, written, which, no one, knoweth, but himself, 13 and arrayed with a mantle sprinkled with blood, and his name hath been called--The Word of God. 14 And, the armies which were in heaven, were following him, upon white horses, clothed with fine linen, white, pure; 14 And, the armies which were in heaven, were following him, upon white horses, clothed with fine linen, white, pure; 15 and, out of his mouth, is going forth a sharp sword, that, therewith, he may smite the nations,

Zech 14:5 Then shall ye flee to the valley of my mountains, for the valley of the mountains, shall reach, very near, Yea, ye shall flee, just as ye fled from before the earthquake, in the days of Uzziah king of Judah,--Then, shall arrive, Yahweh my God, All thy holy ones, with thee!

What will Kalki do?

As with the messianic prophecies of many traditions there are many diverse beliefs and depictions as to when, how, where and why the Kalki Avatar would appear, and the Divine purpose the descent will aim to fulfill. The popular image of the Avatar is that of a rider upon a white horse, which some sources name as Devadatta (God-given) and describe as a winged horse; but some have even declared that Kalki would come in the form of a white horse, while a few others even claim that he would appear as a horse-headed person. The most common accounts declare Kalki will come riding upon a white horse, brandishing a flaming comet-like sword, (or wielding a comet like a sword), intent on eradicating the reign of evil on the Earth, vanquishing Yama (Death), reconciling all opposites, renewing the processes of the Dharma (Paths of Virtue), of Creation, and establishing a reign of righteousness.

The sword is sometimes interpreted as a symbol for "discernment", or Wisdom, slicing away the bonds of lies and foulness and liberating souls to greater awareness of truth and beauty.
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The coming of an avatar named Kalki is an important belief in Vaishnava Hinduism and is dealt with in several Purana texts. The coming of Kalki is by far the only prophesy in Hinduism, as far as I know. Kalki is said to come at the end of the current age known as Kaliyuga to reestablish dharma. The Kaliyuga is traditionally believed to have begun in 3102 BCE and will last 432,000 years, so Kalki is not expected any time soon :). Actually, there is a man living in India now who claims to be Kalki and has started an organization called the Golden Age Foundation. Apparently, he has a pretty large following!

And yes, there are several parallels b/w Kalki and the passages in the Book of Revelation and the horsemen of the apocalypse.

You can read more about Kalki here:

An alternate method of dating, though accepting the same 432,000 years for the length of Kali Yuga ... places an approximate date for the end of this age at about 1879AD/CE (with Edison's invention of the lightbulb). Pohaikawahine might be able to comment; I think she is reading the same account I am referring to.

At any rate, an account is provided, and a rationale made, for why we are supposed to be entering the Satya Yuga, or the Golden Age (it goes from Gold, to Silver, to Bronze, then Iron - with Iron being the shortest, just 1/4th the duration of Satya Yuga). Comparisons are made with the Hindu method of dating, and the method used by the author ... in a book called Lemurian Scrolls (available here, on

My own studies over the years have included teachings from Theosophical authors (Blavatsky, A. Besant, C.W. Leadbeater), Alice Bailey of the Arcane School, Helena & Nicholas Roerich (Agni Yoga), and a host of other esoteric authors (such as Temple Richmond, David Anrias, Cyril Scott, Geoffrey Hodson, Torkom Saraydarian, Vera Stanley Alder, Roberto Assagioli ... and many, many more). All of these concur with the notion that Kalki Avatara, as according to the Vedic Hindu doctrine, will appear as the last (or 10th) manifestation of Vishnu, though according to which cycle I do not know.

What does seem clear, is that this is a figure expected by every religion, though each religion (understandably) has a different presentation. Shakespeare said something about a rose, which I find most appropriate here, but I'll leave that to memory & the Intuition. Kalki Avatara then, would be the Mosiach/Messias/Messiah of Judaism, the 2nd Coming of Christ to Christians, the Imam Mahdi of Islam, the Saoshyant of Zoroastrianism (still practiced by some) ... and the Bodhisattva Maitreya of Tibetan Buddhism (since Maitreya, esoterically, is only destined to become a Full Buddha, in the future).

Esotericists have become familiar with the term `World Teacher' for Kalki Avatara, but the doctrine of Avatars was re-packaged by Helena Blavatsky, as well as by Alice Bailey for a modern audience. There is a most wonderful article here, on the Coming Avatar, collated from estoeric writings, as well as a long section in Alice Bailey's teachings, online here. One might also note that the less-well-known teachings of Francia La Due, thought not as thick with direct references to Hindu/Vedic teachings as Blavatsky's, nevertheless deal - considerably - with the subject of the Coming One. Even Alice Bailey has an entire book ... called The Reappearance of the Christ.