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Montreal, Canada
Hello everyone,

Just thought I'd write a quick post in here. Don't expect to see many of my comments in the forums but be sure I'm reading nearly every one you write :D !

I'm also an "abandonned" from the MM board which closed a couple weeks ago, so I followed some people over here and I'm pretty glad I did. This places is exactly what I'm looking for to further my knowledge about comparative religion (.com ;)).

As you can see there <--, I'm from Canada and usually speak French... so I will make mistakes in my english grammar: my pre-apologizes! Besides that, I'm currently studying east-asian studies & anthropology. (Yes I am learning Chinese.. yes I'm probably mad to try... :rolleyes: ) As for my religious background, I was baptised as catholic and would define myself at the moment as "all mixed-up" with interests in paganism, buddhism and many others...

Well enough about me, I'm goin' back to reading your posts.

Kaldayen a.k.a. Alexis
Hi Kaldayen, and welcome to the forum! :)

I was disappointed not to have been able to archive MM here - there's a lot of thought and experience there about to be deleted. But, still, ever the wheel turns - and this place is a truly long-term project. :) (I working on the new site design).

Anyway, we'll try to entice you out of lurking. :)
Zdrastvuitsye, hola, shalom, salaam, Dia dhuit, bon jour, hej, namastar ji, konnichiwa, squeak, meow, :wave:, :dance:

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine (another refugee from MM)