Collectiveness and faith


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Yearning for collectiveness is common in almost all living beings. Yearning to live among fellow human beings is very strong among humans. One or few humans living in separation yearn to meet other humans, but almost all humans happen to live in big or small societies so they have their other preferences. Those who have some or more common grounds yearn to live together and meet each other. These preferences and common grounds are based on various factors such as race, religion, language, traditions, customs etc.

Faith in the God does not negate these common factors, if they do not provide a base of pride for claiming supremacies over others. Pride on base of any such factors is definitely a hurdle in way of faith and the sense of collectiveness often enhances these factors. I believe religions very often changed sincerity in ceremonials and ostentations, and respective devotees concentrated more on observance of manners instead of heart felt feelings in their prayers.

A sense of sincerity in collectiveness mitigates the effects of sorrows; it also heightens feelings of blissfulness and pleasure. A sorrowful person yearns to meet those who have that common sorrow; or at least understand his/her sorrow or sufferings and may console him/her. In movements of happiness also, people yearn to be among those who may share their happiness. Such sharing gives much satisfaction.

Collectiveness also provides consolation, satisfaction and might evoke or boost up faith among faithful. Like all other humans faithful also yearn to meet other faithful like good yearns for good. I believe such yearning was a base of collective prayers in religions or faith so there happened/happen daily, weekly and yearly timings. I believe that with the passage of time such prayers became ceremonial, void of sincere feelings. Sincere collective asking deepens feelings of those who are asking, so collectiveness has its legitimacy in faith also. I also believe that sincere expression of collective heart felt feelings is liked by the God.

Places were also required for such collective gatherings. Such places were/are called worship places. Buildings on such places were also a legitimate requirement. With the passage of time, religions built such buildings different from each other to keep their separate identities, and they also built magnificently to supercede each other as a contest. They also thought that they were pleasing their God or gods by spending more and glorifying such places.

I also yearn to meet some who’ll at least allow me free expression in their presence though I shall feel much consoled in company of those having similar views. Collective similarity of views based on sincerity does provide consolation to concerned persons. Indeed suppression is hard for humans with free thoughts, though they may feel contented by the God’s will.