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We went for the 20 week scan today - surprise surprise, it appears to be a girl. :)

So it's a Maya we're looking at.

Thing is, we're not at all settled on a middle name.

There's a tendency to find something from the Celtic remnants of Britain - the firstborn was Hannah Rhiannon, then the next is Skye Caitlin. And now Maya...


Anyone is welcome to suggest names or links to Celtic names for me to peruse.

And, of course, any decision is subject to approval by the missus! :)

So if anyone has any suggestions, you're welcome to make them. :)
This is not quite along same lines as your post but:

My real name Sean is an Irish name. Someone once remarcked to me that it was a Xtianised Celtic name. Every source I have seen says it is Irish for Jo-hn (God/divine + gracious/favour), like Seamus is for James. Then one day looking thru a book on etymology of names in the course of other linguistic research I noticed that name Shannon was Seanan "little old wise one". With my general knowledge from some other sources I clicked that Sean is cognate with Senator/senile "old/elder". So it is a case of a name being either/both Celtic &/or Judaeo-Xtian. (My father says he picked the name because of Sean Connery, but my mother reckons she picked the name.)
Behind the Name - the Etymology and History of First Names

It is a site that deals with the etymology of names, and Mike C. has a rather nice search engine that you can use to find all of the Celtic names he has "on hand", and you can limit its search to feminine names if you'd like (or you can browse the lists if you'd prefer.)

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Congratulations, Brian and Mrs. Brian! The name ideas are lovely so far!

Whoah! Old post ressurrection!

Decided to be "normal" on the second name, so went for "Maya Elisabeth". :)
LOL--didn't even notice the date on that one! Anyway--lovely names! :)