What did the Pharisees represent?

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Quick Question: A bit off topic but related to preier discussion in this topic(somewhat)

Are their any writting of historic Value in Egyption history about Moses and the exodus from Egypt?
I've taken the liberty of splitting this post into it's own thread on the Ancient boards...

As for the question - the first book that comes to mind on that topic is "Test of Time" by David Rohl, which seeks to do exactly that.

It's something of a contentious book, but there are a number of interesting points raised, and his questioning of Egyptian chronology I found particularly interesting.

It's not a heavy book, and hopefully stimulating.
what did the pharisees represent? this is whatJosephus wrote: "And so great is their influence with the masses that even when they speak against a king or high priest, they immediately gain credence."—Jewish Antiquities, XIII, 288 (x, 5). i thought this was interesting because they did not recognize Jesus, and even today there are religious leaders that claim to represent God, but do not recognize the kingship of Jesus christ that happened in the heavens in 1914. and the masses who listen to them are influenced by them.