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Does decaffinated coffee taste as good?

  • Shut up --- you bother me

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  • Yes there is sufficiant mass

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  • How dare you say that about my rear

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  • Pornos? Wooooooot!

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I've never posted here; some of you guys are so smart. So indulge me please. I believe that the core of my belief system revolves around three components: 1. I need to believe in something because life’s answers are not rolled up in any pornos. (Which answer almost every other question I have) 2. I hold fast to the cyclical system of nature. This means that the wide arc of fate will somehow circle back. Expecting that there is sufficient mass for the universe to collapse upon itself only to be reborn. (I read that on a box of Coco Puffs). 3. Though Republican chicks are less attractive physically and have bigger rear ends, they make better wives and some even have money. If you feel the same way, Please let me know
Needing to believe in something, and opting for a cyclical perception of existence, are not necessarily poor foundations for belief. However, as for the comments on Republicans - I am British, and do not necessarily understand American political jokes. :)
Hello ilandtan,

"...Republican chicks are less attractive physically and have bigger rear ends....."
- than what?

Warmest Regards
Hello Everyone

To answer a few questions:

Sir Hippy: --- A Mack Truck

Sir Nogodnomasters: --- yeah she is a republican hotty, I think the answer is obvious, that she would site her empirical example. But she's not my type, she talks... tooo.. much. Try convincing her you want a new fishing reel, or that you think her mother is odd. @BOOM@

To All: Its amusing that I submit GOD=Sufficient Mass, and I end up, talkin' 'bout ... I Like Big Bootys and I can't Deny.... Baby's got back...

These aren't the droids you're looking for.