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Thanks God is a very good prayer if not only said but felt. In fact all prayers relate to feelings and sincerity and lip service does not matter. The God knows with how much sincerity words are uttered, and even it does not matter if words are not spoken; as He knows feelings of hearts and measures sincerity.

I believe that if a person is extremely hungry, he/she wants and wishes food, thirsty wants water and not rich food or packed drinks. Similarly facing sever weather wants clothes and shelter and not fashion costumes or luxurious living. When relieved he/she continues adding wishes, but the God wants from him/her contentment. What is the scale where any body should be satisfied? This scale is minimum human requirements. Though struggling for more may not be prohibited but feeling discontentment for not having much is not liked by the God. No contentment, no prayers and no thanks God.

If anybody has more than his/her just needs and happens to meet or know about, not having minimum requirements must help such person/persons in the name of God; if a believer. A bare footed needs shoes and a naked needs dress and is not choosy but if provided with, feels restlessness to have many or of higher quality. Had he/she been a believer would have been grateful to the God and said thanks God. No thanks God, no faith or hypocritical feigned faith.

To live a better life having some or more in addition to minimum basic requirements is not bad, but to grow habitual and take them inseparable is not good. Such a person is likely to be depressed when not having such additions and such depression is contrary to contentment and faith. Such a person also looses capability of sincerely saying, thanks God.

Let me quote one of many real examples. A family happened to live among neighbors, relatives, friends or not friends. This family become richer than others and purchased a new luxury vehicle which others didn’t or could not have, so they were very happy or perhaps proud. Others also envied their fate. That family went out on a happy trip but alas suffered one or more casualties. Those who escaped death very sadly said; had the God not given them that vehicle they would not have suffered. Others also passed such remarks. So, I think it is much good to be ever satisfied, as the God knows who are lucky or unlucky and who are going to be. To be rich is not bad but to be impatient for is not good. Be satisfied, be merciful, help others, be not restless for getting more, enjoy calmness and say thanks God. Let me say thanks God means contentment and happiness.

Riches does not necessary brings happiness but helping others surely does. Thanks God that He gave you much to give and not to get and do not take wealth as your right. I believe that all prayers are ceremonial if praying person is not really thankful to the God and does not feel thanks God in his/her heart.

I believe the God does not want humans suffer but He wants them to remember and keep in mind that they may suffer various sufferings and may loose various blessings, so be thankful to the God. Alas, mankind does not understand and does not say thanks God even they suffer and are relieved from sufferings.