The Retreating Religions And Traditions


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Humans have made considerable progress in science, technology and also in positive & just human freedom. Religions and traditions have been and are continuously retreating. There were unjust inhuman traditions and humans very justly renounced to get their due freedom. I believe that many positive traditions have also been renounced. Such traditions may differ from region to region and community to community but were harmless and charming. These traditions provided base of human configuration and without which humans are becoming more commercial and materialistic.

Traditions may be good or not. When there was/is a reaction, traditions did/do not stand on their actual desirable position but retreated much back loosing ground to materialism. Pure scientific approach in every field and aspect of life brings restlessness, hastiness and discontentment because it is entirely based on material gains and loses. Concept of competition devoid of any moral base causes dissatisfaction and also dejection.

Had religions been solid, realistic, natural footings they would definitely have resisted this reaction tendency. They were also oppressive and aggressive so they also retreated justly or unjustly. Christian clerics enjoyed undue aggressive powers and did not relinquish willingly but were forced to do so. Now they are loosing their just position on some matters such as homosexuality etc., but some of their groups are still denying natural and just right of marrying for their clerics (males and females). Hindus have been practicing caste system and much more which may not be applicable on humanistic or natural grounds. Their religion also includes many good teachings and spirituality but in many cases reaction caused total renunciation. Muslim religious laws i.e., Death sentence for converters from Islam to any other religion and adulterers, beating to death for unmarried sex couples, no music, no co sex meetings of any sort, cutting of hands as theft punishment, forced prayers and allowing Muslims to attack and subjugate other nations are rarely practiced. Why they do not practice it, if they believe it? Are they hypocrites or not sincere believers? I know that Islam has in it many good teachings but questions mentioned are more need to be settled and answered. Similarly Jews, Buddhists and other religions have their specialties not conforming to human nature. I believe that all religions had/have many unnatural unjust beliefs so they have and or badly retreating.
Why “true” believers believing in fundamentals of religions are called fanatics yet religions are believed to be true?

I believe that actual faith in the God never changed its position from the very beginning of humanity and was/is/will be valid for all humans, all world and for all times. Religions insist on dissimilarities and distinctions, while faith in the God consists of similarities and common nature of all humans, having a common creator. Pure faith has an eternal attraction for human souls and provides hope and contentment.

People say that the world is rapidly changing and I see a positive change of individual freedom especially where people are denied this God given right. I also see many negative changes, devoid of good traditions (religious or non religious), good values, living much physically not being harmonious with nature. Commercial race is causing unnatural, inharmonious changes. Commercialism devoid of spirituality and natural living may never be the base of real satisfaction and mankind will be uprooted from its originality. Basic physical needs must be met but contentment and heart’s satisfaction is a much deep reality; its base is in soul and natural conformity is must to be really satisfied.

Commercialism in all aspects of life is causing unnatural changes in arts, music, literature, poetry and natural habitation is being renounced. Music and folk poetry of every region which were soothing, polite, harmonious with nature and soul elevating have changed and are being changed into cacophonous, abrupt, harsh, hasty and discomforting. Perhaps people say this change is poppy rocky. It rocks for the time being and being artificial withers. Pure arts, music, literature has a lasting purifying effect because it charms the soul. It may be enjoyed without any changes for centuries and ages. Being harmonious with nature it remains soothing for all times. People should be at liberty for enjoyment and this is only a comparison of artificial and natural.

The clergies of religions lack harmony with nature. They are ceremonial, artificial, book keepers, reciting, insisting on superficialities, distinctions and divisions. They are bound in limitations and the result is dullness. They offer same ceremonial remedies for all and are not innovative. Faith in the God is naturally humble, loving, wise, helping, merciful, passive, and soft and a perfect remedy for all disturbed souls. Such qualities may not be planted in hearts by religious learning and teachings, so the clergies lost and are loosing natural attraction. Faith in the God does not need religious reciting and can speak spontaneously and naturally. It is heart felt so it affects heart and soul. How a clergy can impart sincerity without sincerity in his/her own heart? There is a need for sincere contemplations on yearnings of soul; otherwise fleshy, materialistic livings will rotten the climate with out natural fragrance. There must be feed of faith and love for spiritual and natural nourishment of human souls, otherwise insipid mechanical existence will not be befitting for humans and this will be human deterioration. Such apparently technical advancement will not suffice human nature and will never be sustainable.

Region to region and nations to nations,

The God’s humans are God’s creations,

Fie on beliefs, if in your religions,

Claim God’s love and hate humans,

Fie on evils and fie on wicked,

Spoil human values and spread hatred.

Horizon to horizon and climate to climate,

May love rule and love is faith.