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[font=arial, helvetica, sans-serif]I'm pretty new to this website, but I have something to say.
I've thought about spiritual/religious issues for a while, and this is what I've come up with--it doesn't really match any other faiths.
What I've thought through is not exactly Deism, but it borrows heavily from that faith. In my mind, this explaines some of the questions that pure Deism leaves unanswered, especially regarding thought and the afterlife.
The faith's website can be found at

I am sure that my explanation here will leave lacking some important details, so please check out the website.
Please excuse the unrefined aspects of the website; with some additional HTML magic it will soon be totally complete.

The basic tenets of the faith are:

1. God is the force acting towards life and against entropy. It is not a physical manifestation, but a natural law and tendancy. The rules of physics remain sacrosanct. In this sense the clockword universe theory holds--except that the mechanisms of the clock itself have a deeper purpose.

2. As a result, the only way to do good with your life rather than bad is to create more than you destroy. Creation is in the footsteps of God.

3. The soul exists. It is the basis for free will and consciousness. The soul does not cease to exist, but it moves from physical bodies; reincarnation, in a sense. The soul will come into greater or worse next lives depending on its actions in the previous.

These are the only basic ideas; obviously, a host of ideas could be extrapolated from here.
If you are at all interested in helping establish this faith, feel free to contact me--
I'm not going to set world domination as our charter--creating a better world--for my and everone else's sakes--is good enough for me.
Hi, ND and welcome! Your points 1 & 2 sound like what I've heard Unitarians say - have you ever looked into that? You also might check out the Quakers. (Easier than starting a new religion!)

I'm curious about #3 - why do you believe in reincarnation?