My not bad poetry lol don't know what else to call it at this time of night

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I hope it's not rude of me to post this here. There didn't seem to be many poems in the other general poetry thread, and even though these are about 11, some are fairly lengthy (if there is a problem let me know and I'll transfer it). I've lost a few over the years, quite a few actually, but these ones were some of my best, and most (but not all, one was perfect, none of these are) of the early ones weren't that good anyway. So I guess you can tell I'm a bit of a clutz, but I hope you enjoy my writings. Um...I'll just put one today, I got to get up early tomorrow. It doesn't rhyme. I created it from reading the book of quotes "Pocket Positives" by the Five Mile Press and created it into a poem by rewording the quotes. The last 10 lines are fully by me. Hope it helps someone.


Words of this world, arriving on time's distant shore from long ago...

There is one thing that gives radiance to everything.
It is the idea of something around the corner.

Do not fear to hope.
Each time we smell the Autumn's dying scent
We know that primrose time will come again.

Hold your head up high,
Stick your chest out.
You can make it.
It gets dark sometimes,
But morning comes.
Keep hope alive.

We must accept finite disappointments,
But we must never lose infinite hope.

To endure is greater than to dare;
To tire out hostile fortune;
To be daunted by no difficulty;
To keep heart when all have lost it -
Who can say this is not greatness?

Each person has inside a basic decency and goodness.
If that person listens to it and acts on it,
They are giving a grwat deal of what the world needs most.
It is not complicated, but it takes courage.
It takes courage for a person to listen to their own goodness...
And act on it.

You have shown that courage.

It is only with the heart that one can see properly.
What is essential is invisible to the eye.

In spite of illness,
In spite even of the archenemy sorrow,
One's spirit can remain alive
Long past the usual date of disintegration...
If one is unafraid of change,
Insatiable in intellectual curiosity,
Interested in big things,
And hapy in small ways.

Success is to be measured...
Not so much by the position you have reached in life,
As by the obstacles you have overcome while trying to succeed.

Expect trouble as an inevitable part of life,
And when it comes,
Hold your head up high,
Look it squarely in the eye and say,
"I will be bigger than you. You cannot defeat me."
Then repeat to yourself the most comforting words of all,
"This too will pass."

Even in the worst situation there is a way out,
A hidden secret that can turn failure into success
And despair into happiness.
No situation is so dark that there is not a ray of light.

The perfume of sandalwood,
The scent of the bay leaf and jasmine,
Travel only as far as the wind.
But the fragrance of goodness travels with us through all the worlds.

Like garlands woven from flowers,
Your life is a garland of beautiful deeds.

You are deserving of what joys there are to come.
Hidden within you is a magical secret so deep,
It soothes the ocean's energy,
Brings life to the changing seasons,
And showers infinite droplets of colour
Into dreams, galaxies and rainbows.

You are a rainbow.
You are a never-ending story.
You are an eternal entity.

And you are ________.