Newbie in the ranks!


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Merry Meet everyone,

My names Amitola, well ok, thats my wiccan name, my real one is Anna!

I'm 22, from just outside of London in the UK, (Everyone heard of Heathrow airport...well i can see it from my window!)

I've been studying Wicca for 14 month now. I've not yet done a dedication to my faith, but i feel i'll get the call before the next full moon, thats why i've come to this site. I want to learn, to grow, and talk with other like minded people who don't rip others heads off for voicing an opinion, (Unpleasant experiances on another forum!!)

Prior to finding Wicca, i was a Christian, (Devout would be too stong a world, but my faith was taken very seriously) There was no particular reason i left the love of Christ, i think deep down, it is still there, i could never admit that i don't believe yet! I just feel more at one with myself as a practicing Wiccan, i've learnt alot about myself, which needed to be done, before i started digging my own grave...

Just want to say a big Hi and Thanks to my best friend Guard who introduced me to this site :D :D :D Thanks Hun xx

I look forward to reading and learning with you all

Brighest Blessing )O(
Hi Amitola, and a warm welcome. :) I am sure that you will find what you are looking for in your spiritual search. May you be blessed for having the courage to look deeply into whatever personal suffering you've experienced. Here's wishing you a joyful time in the synthesis of your Christian and Pagan faiths--and any others that you may acquire along the way. ;)

Sending some good vibes your way,

Pathless :)