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I've finally been able to implementing the new design. It is, of course, based on the previous, but the major changes include

1/ Individual new graphics for new and much improved individual navigation menus

2/ Better use of space, ie, pages no longer limited to a narrow strip for those on higher resolution,

3/ Feature sections on each page of the main site, to encourage casual visitors to remain longer, explore the site further – and, specifically, to visit the forums.

Overall, I personally believe the changes effectively make look a far more professional website.

This site has a long-term future as a major religious resource on the internet. It is always going to be my determined goal to ensure that this is the case, and the new look is an inherent part of achieving that ambition by presenting an increasingly professional image.

Of course, my Search Engine Optimisation efforts continue behind the scenes – essentially, it's about ensuring that key pages are presented very highly on major search engines.

Traffic continues to rise – the monthly totals so far are:

unique visitors
June – 1,801
July – 3,437
Augt – 8,612
Sept – 14,067

June – 77,026
July – 169,233
Augt – 374,558
Sept – 534,323

New material is also being added which should help build on the content strengths of the site – not to mention, bring in extra traffic. There are already two new sections raised: Mesoamerica and Mesopotamia. I'm still reformatting the King James Version of the Bible for upload, and after that I am determined to upload a preferred translation of the Tao Te Ching – and then the Koran itself (to strengthen an otherwise poorly represented Islam section).

As a particular note I would like to especially thank Gnome from the chronicles-network for his design of the new comparative religion graphic (present above the navigation menu for the home page of the site, and for the forum). Thanks for that. :)

I had personally intended to change the main header graphic – the white background and gold writing – but I've simply not had time to work that at the moment. I'll look into modifying that at a later date.

Any questions, feel free to ask.


I said:

As a particular note I would like to especially thank Gnome from the chronicles-network for his design of the new comparative religion graphic (present above the navigation menu for the home page of the site, and for the forum). Thanks for that. :)

You are very welcome, Brian. Thank YOU for the opportunity and credit.

With respect,

emonG - Gnome
Well, well - it didn't at all register! Yes, and thanks for that, Gnome - you certainly deserve credit for your design. :)
Namaste brian,

good show so far...

in reading what you're planning for the upcoming update... i.e. Tao Te Ching...

may i inquire the translation that you are going to go with?

as you may imagine, i'm partial to a few of the translators.. in particular, Thomas Cleary... it is my considered opinion that his translations/transliterations more accurately capture the essence of what is trying to be communicated..... so... i suppose what i'm doing here is lobbying for the version that i like to be posted :)


however... i'm sure it will be fine whichever way you choose to go.
Gorgeous redesign - congrats to you both! The design is clean, and the graphic awesome!
Ever looking forward. :)

As to the version of the Tao Te Ching - there are big constraints on what I can put on the internet due to copyright restrictions. I think my preferred translation so far - in terms of versions I can actually freely put on the site - is by Charles Muller. I quoted from that version on the comparative studies board. Ideally, I will eventually be able to host mutliple translations.
Darn it - I only just actually stopped to surf the new Mesoamerica and Mesopotamia sections yesterday - and was horrified to find that not only had I not uploaded any text for the index files, but that the Mesopotamian texts were not even properly formatted for the site.

I'll rectify that tonight - I'll write and upload a commentary for the index files of both sections, and also reformat all the Mesopotamian files.

I'm also going to add some more "ads" to other pages in the site - the Roman Religion page has proved popular, so I'll add an ad for that, and also feature Bob x's Redaction Theory commentary. I'll also add a few more to topics in the forum - for example, surf for a pic of Gandalf in full flow for a feature to link to the "Power of Magick" thread, and a couple more of the forum topics.

I still haven't completed the formatting of the King James Version of the Bible, but that shouldn't take too long now - probably have that up by the end of the following weekend. Then I can begin other sections - the Tao Te Ching for one, but also the Qur'an. Other sections, as well, if possible. Always a work in progress, this site. :)
I've effected a lot a corrections - a lot more pages than I at first realised were not formated for the new system of displaying internal ads - not least in the Celtic, Dhammapada, Confucianism, and some article sections. I also completely reformated all of the Mesopotamian area, and corrected some links. I still need to create a short essay on both Mesopotamia and Mesoamerica for the index pages of both sections, but this week has been really tight for time. I've also almost completely finished reformating the King James Version of the Bible for upload. I tried to re-order the Apocrypha section earlier this week, with new URLs and folders. but screwed up somewhere and had to revert to an older system - something to correct. I'll try to finish everything off by the end of the weekend.