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Some of the biggest Christian miracles have actually occurred in the Greek orthodoxy faith. It's just that we don’t really get much of the coverage about them as the Catholic Church does.

As a person who accepts and believes in religious phenomenon, I try not to focus my faith round just miracles or base my trust in Christianity on just the miracles. However I question why they occur and also how. In Canada an atheist investigator tries to analyse a weeping icon in an orthodox church after a bit of hysteria, something I read off a website. He said that the tears were coming not from the eyes but just off and it was an oily substance, his verdict was forgery.. Now this sound a precise experience my family had at home with an icon of the Virgin Mary and was gob smacked of his description. Obviously the Christian denominations that do not icon worship do not experience these phenomenon’s and are also later versions of the faith. Whereas Greek Orthodoxy is one of the oldest and original form of the Christian faith.
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Whereas Greek Orthodoxy is one of the oldest and original form of the Christian faith.
I've posted on a couple of threads before that if I were a practicing Christian, I would likely be Eastern Orthodox. I have always attended the local Greek Festivals with more than a passing, or surface interest, and my favorite part has always been the Sanctuary tour & explanation. Even when it was the same I'd heard year after year, I would look forward to this. And I can't say I know the history of Eastern Orthodoxy that well, nor do I know a great deal about pre-Christian Judaism.

However, I am familiar with the idea of the Holy of Holies, and even if part of my inroads were made via a fascination with the Knights Templar, it has inevitably led me to the same place/realizations. I have perused copies of Schwaller de Lubicz's Temple in Man, and Temple of Man (the latter being better known). And even Hollywood, through such movies as the Indiana Jones series (among many, many others), has familiarized us with the importance, and some of the history, of the Ark of the Covenant. I think it was only actually in recent years that I ever really understood the significance of what this box was/is ... and I have watched with fascination the various TV specials in which the Ark has even been traced to a Temple in Ethiopia (?), which may well be the current "resting place."

All of this, even Egyptian architecture, is intimately tied together for me, and not arbitrarily ... for it finally dawned on me recently, just how similar many of the practices of Eastern Orthodox Christianity are - to Judaism! I was thinking in particular of the Holy of Holies, and I remain enthusiastic about the idea - that the church is laid out, so as to mirror for us, in many, many ways, our "interior architecture," or spiritual constitution. And I mean this even more literally than St. Teresa of Avila's Interior Castle! The works by Schwaller de Lubicz, if studied, can amply demonstrate this - and yet, they are by no means the totality of the revelation.

I could say a thing or two about icons, though less so from personal experience, and more from the perspective of a commentator. I have several of my own (though nothing famous, and mostly quite small). I know almost nothing about the history, and various styles, yet I do ... just intuitively, think I understand something of their purpose, and function. So it always amazes me, even disturbs me, when people fail to grasp their role, and usefulness. It makes me wish that every single person who attends the local Greek Festival, might also take the time to do the free Sanctuary tour, instead of just getting drunk and eating baklava. :rolleyes: But, of course, live & let live. :p

I believe that the same individuality who was Mary, the Mother of Jesus, is active in the world today, just as is the Christ. I think that, while some do not understand, and/or would dismiss various "miracles" - either as an overactive imagination, as frauds, or as no more than visions - I remain utterly convinced that many are quite genuine (not as miracles, but as the activity of Mary, and of the Angelic Kingdom), and serve a vital purpose. More and more cooperation with the Devas, or `Angels,' lies ahead ... although I can't comment on it from a genuinely Eastern Orthodox perspective. I do think, that among traditions (and in cultures) where there is stronger faith, and fewer materialistic tendencies, folks might have an easier time ... accepting the changes taking place. :)