I love what I can figure out about this site, but it is difficult to figure out.


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Thank you so much for starting site like this. I truly enjoy reading through the discussions and posts. I am not all that computer literate, though I can figure things out eventually. The problem here is that I can't seem to figure this one out. Two nights ago I responded to a post and thought I submitted it. Not only can I not find the subject matter that was up for discussion, but also I cannot find my submitted response, not even in my personal section of posts and links. Is there some place on this site that gives the instructions on how to maneuver around? If so, under which heading? I would really love to become more adept. Thank you for listening.

Hello livingintheraw, welcome to CR. What was the post about that you are looking for? I see three others by you, one on Magick, one in Islam, and one about a Churchwood. Is it one of these?
The thing you need to watch for is the "Thank you for posting" screen that comes up when you post - that confirms that it's been added to the database.

After then - it may be a case of forgetting which discussion you were taking part in? In which case, when using the normal posting area (via "Go Advanced" or "Quote" there's a little drop-down box on the bottom left that allows you to subscribe by email to the discussion, and be notified of replies on an instant, daily, or weekly basis.

Hope that helps.