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I thought I would share this URL. If you don't have it on your favorites already, bookmark it! All the videos are streaming.

The one I recommend to watch first is:

This particular video explains Oneness -- the Oneness of Mankind, the Oneness of God, and the Oneness of Religion. Great video for teaching the basics of the Baha'i concept. And great for Baha'is to learn how to better teach the Faith. I found some of the concepts and analogies used in the video to be similar to my own way of teaching. It made me smile. :)



Thank you. I did not have that site on my favorites. I will check out the videos when I get more time.

Question: Do you possibly know if the video of Mona is available on the internet for download? I have the video in my VHS collection, but if I can, I would like to add it to my website if possible.

Thank you again.


Thought I would let you know that I found the Mona Video.

Wave File version:

Same video -- Hosted at for easy use of HTML capabilities:

The video is of Doug Cameron singing "Mona with the Children". I found some information on the video too that might be interesting to those not familiar with this historical Baha'i video:

"In June of 1983, the Bahá'í community was deeply affected by the executions of ten young female believers in Shiraz, Iran. These deaths resulted when the women refused to recant their faith during the Islamic fundamentalist movement. The Canadian producer and keyboardist Jack Lenz encouraged a young musician, Doug Cameron, to write and sing a song about the youngest of the martyrs, 16 year old Mona Mahmudnizhad. Mona was the last of the ten to be hung, and reportedly kissed the noose and recited a prayer for humanity before her life was taken. Doug Cameron's song and video about her, "Mona With the Children," was backed by Seals & Crofts, Dan Seals and Buffy Saint-Marie. The related short documentary, "Mona's Story," has Seals & Crofts working out their backup vocals, commenting on the project and interacting in the studio. "Mona's Story" is available on VHS from the Baha'i Distribution Center."


Also the lyrics to the song are there too.

Another Video about Mona:

I found this information at the website of this video:

"On the 18th of June, 1983 in Shíráz, Iran, ten women were executed by hanging for their unwillingness to renounce their Bahá'í belief in the face of the Islamic fundamentalism that had recently overtaken their country. This act was particularly disturbing since usually only Bahá'í men were targeted for execution. The incident brought outcries from the world community appealing to the Iranian government to implement basic human rights for the Bahá'ís."


Some Baha'is may not know this, but the video of "Mona with the Children" was broadcasted on MTV a few times and then taken off the air because the story seemed to portray the story of a girl committing suicide rather than being physically forced to hang. The audience of the time did not understand the magnitude and importance of Mona's story. Now that there is more activity brewing throughout the world concerning the human rights of the Irani-Baha'i community, hopefully more people will see the horror and tragedy that is rising again in Iran.

Lets pray for those Baha'is in harm's way.