To My Beloved Sikh

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Sat Sri Akal

Waheguruji ka Khalsa
Waheguruji Ki Fateh

What are we doing to Sikhism? What are we doing to our beloved Guru? What about our future?

I’m not here to preach to you, I am just giving you a message and I’m sharing with you a view about how to establish a personal relationship with your true Guru.
I believe that when we sincerely share our life stories it helps us all in many ways, isn’t it about the truth?

I keep hearing about the need of explaining Sri GGSJ, we need to stop this, we are offending Guru and offending our self’s.

That is the problem with Sikhism today, they are so many people given their own explanations and interpretations of Sri GGSJ, this is very dangerous because not everyone cares sincerely about Sikhism and Khalsa, many have hidden selfish agendas.

There is no need of such ones, if you really want to understand your True Guru and to do what is right, its not hard or complicated as we sometimes think, its as simple as been sincere, been humble and most important having faith.

Your sincerity when approaching Guruji, be sincere and be true to yourself, be humble while in the Gurudwara and around the Sat Sangat we are all the same, have faith in your Guru, just cause its in the form of a book that doesn’t mean He cant hear you or that He is not aware of you and all that you do and think.

Some might not understand Gurmuki, but that is ok, Guruji knows every language, just go sincerely and ask for what you need, Guruji will reveal to you the things you need to know by inspiring your heart, you will find strength from doing sewa sincerely, not just for show or just cause your parents told you to, do your sewa with love and don’t wait for someone to ask you or to tell you to do it, let it come from your heart.

Appreciate and take time to share with the Sat sangat, the sangat will help you grow spiritually and if you are lucky you will realise so much love in them and you will really feel what it is to have a real family.

Its not about the things you have, how much money you posses, if you don’t eat this or you do, if you smoke or drink, this is all secondary, what’s important is the approach towards your true Guru, when enter the Gurudwara, leave all that you think you are outside and focus your mind and heart to what’s really important, only Waheguru knows the reason why you are here doing what you do in relation of the true sewa you came to perform in this life.

No one must tell you how and when nor how many times to do or not do. Remember we really only truly belong to Waheguru, and Guruji will guide us back to HIM. And when you worship you do it for you not for others, it is your personal relationship with GOD.

I am new to Sikhism, and one thing I have realise, there are only two steps to become free, to become real to wake up from dream, the first step is to take Amrit, yes I know your minds will give you a million excuses why not to take it, but search your soul, search your heart deep inside you know that that’s what you got to and must do.

Please forget all the things you do or don’t do, take Amrit, after you do this it will be the start of a new real life, and Waheguru will be right there guiding you, protecting you, giving you all and so much more, don’t you know that if you have GOD you have it all, with GOD on your side anything and everything is possible, ANYTHING!!!.

Please for your own sake stop offending Guruji you are only hurting yourself, because on the real you cant harm Guruji, He is perfect in everyway, have faith, this is our biggest test don’t be confused or stupid thinking of Guru as a simple book, open your heart to Guruji He is the only guide and He will explain to you what you need to know one day at a time.

We can’t trust everyone but we can surely 100% trust in our True Guru, Guruji really cares and really loves us.
Why you think He went thru so much, 10 humans from Guru Nanak Ji to Guru Gobind Singh Ji ,ending with Sri GGSJ and don’t make the mistake as many say and think. Guru is always and only one, I did not say it or made it up Guruji said it: Realise that Guru is only one¨, just like GOD is only One.
(I don’t remember from what Hukanama I read it but I will find it and let you know witch one it is, so you can read it and know its not me inventing and misinterpreting.)

Think and please remember all the hard times and the struggles our Guru and His faithful Sikhs went through, why? Just for nothing? No!! Guruji did it all for us. Because of love, the love of Waheguru and the love He has.

One more thing and I am finish, please I beg you, appreciate your Gurudwaras, your Sangat and your True Guru, I have learned the hard way, I did not appreciate what was given to me, at this time I am in a country where there are no Sikhs, no Sangat no Gurudwara, its been 7 months away from it all, and my GOD I do really miss it much.
I have learned my lesson, I wouldn’t want u to experience this, its not a nice feeling but it can happen to you, so please appreciate, love and care for what you got, you might not see it now but you are very blessed and lucky to born as Sikhs, whatever negative experience u had while growing up was just karma, but come to Guruji, clean yourself, wash your eyes open with sweet Amrit and you shall see, you will really see.

May Waheguru keep you all in is eternal peace and love, good luck and my best wishes are with you.

Sincerely yours with much love,

Taran Talwaar Singh

Waheguruji ka Khalsa
Waheguruji Ki Fateh

PS: We need to Unite as Sikhs, One GOD, One True Guru, One Sat Sangat, if we unite we can end poverty in India, take all children of the streets, spread the light of Sikhism to all the rest of the world and do so much more, why are we so selfish?