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A message to Muslims.
Islam began with Da'wah. It is a very significant feature in Islam. Da'wah simply means invitation when translated literally. However, when interpreted it means an invitation to the truth.
There are countless of people out there today so eager, intent and fully dedicated in bashing and attack on Islam and its people. These bashers devote themselves almost solely for the purpose of demonising and so-called 'exposing' Islam to the rest of the world. They use platforms of both electronic media(tv, internet) and written media(books, magazines). I'd be prepared to wager that most people are unaware of the fact that the Time Magazine of April 16, 1979 reported that in a span of 150 years, from 1800 CE to 1950 CE "over 60,000 books have been written against Islam by the Christian West. It would be safe to assume that with the advancement we've achieved since then the number could easily have doubled, thus we may safely assume that over 120 000 ANTI-ISLAMIC books have been written and published against Islam. Alas, written material isn't sufficient for them, they've got to use the 'idiot box' too ! The television is probably the most potent tool for programming or brainwashing the minds of people. This is what the psychologist will tell you. Incessantly you hear on CNN, BBC, FOX, CBS etc. terms like Islamic Jihad presented along side images and report of suicide bombings, terrorism, backwardness etc. , Islamic militants, Muslim violence, Islamic violence and the list is inexhaustible. They fail add the term Christian or Jew to teenagers in America who equipped with machine guns go to their schools and murder his schoolmates and teachers. They also fail to mention about the rapings of women which occurs on a very regular basis in America, committed by Christian/Jewish or at least men who were raised in Christian/Jewish households. Well we can't really blame the masses or ordinary viewers who have little or no knowledge at all about Islam in concluding that Islam is 'bad news' after watching the relentless portrayals of atrocities equated with Islam on their television set.
Many groups and individuals have seen these circumstances as an open window of opportunity to dupe the uninformed and uncultivated further. They've taken the tact of using the materials of Islam against Islam by twisting, confusing and degressing them so that they'll lean towards their dastardly views. However, the most malignant and baleful new tact that these heinous people have adopted is ruse. They go under the guise and blanket of so-called 'ex-Muslims' enticing people with their purported 'horrendous' personal experiences when they were purportedly Muslims. Ibn Warraq and Ali Sina are good examples of this category of brood vipers.
Islam is perhaps the most misunderstood, misrepresented, and misinterpreted faith in the world. There are so many venomous dark forces out there, unrelentless in their pursuit to as Ali Sina in his testimony of apostasy puts it 'ERADICATE' Islam from the face of the earth! What hallucinations! What vain desires these guttersnipes envision !
I'm sure my Muslim brothers and sisters will agree with me, judging from the things that's going around today the course of Da'wah has become more important than ever before, with the exception of Muhammad's s.a.w. days. The evil spell of deceit that the attackers of Islam has woven has not only befallen the non-Muslims, but it has unfortunately also befallen our brothers and sisters, many of which have adopted the title 'ex-Muslim'. In Indonesia alone the Christian mission there were boasting in the 1990's that they've perverted more than 15 MILLION Muslims to Christianity!!! Are we just going to sit idly, silently in our comfort zones and do nothing while the devils slander and make a mockery of Islam?!?! Shall we do nothing while we lose our brothers and sisters in droves???? 1 perversion is dramatic enough, but 15 MILLION???? How is it that we have become so utterly spineless??? Where have all the defenders of Islam gone? Don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that the entire Ummah is doing nothing. We've got al-Qa'eda, Zarqawi and Jema'ah Islamiyyah and we've got people going around protesting and shouting and yelling their lungs out while burning, ravaging and killing. Are these the people and methods that reflect Da'wah????????? Da'wah means INVITATION. Do we INVITE people by doing harm to them???? Is that how you INVITE people???? If you want to invite someone over to your house for tea, do you burn his house first??? And since when did terrorists who murder civilians, pillage and plunder become the bastions and emissaries of Islam??? I do agree with demonstrations, but we ought to demonstrate with intelligence NOT emotion. The more violence we exert, the more we fuel their evil propaganda. Brothers and Sisters, we must realise this. We are falling right into their traps. It is timely that we as Muslims rise and stand against the tide of wickedness and villains outside of Islam as well as Inside! It is time that we take back our religion ! It is time that we take up our flaming torch of truth to SHINE in the dark abyss in which Islam is being enveloped with today. It is time that we take up our sword, not that of steel, but that of intelligence against our adversaries! Arm yourselves today with knowledge!

Only a couple of days ago, 2 missionaries from the Church of the Latter Days came knocking at my door. It was during Maghrib, the sunset prayer time.

I invited them in and asked them to wait while we complete our prayers. Then we ensue a discussion about faith. They are propogating about their church and how they pray. One thing I realise is they just take their chance and knock on every door to send the message (Christianity).

I personally find this a brave approach. Just like marketing a product, 10 people you approach, 5 will invite you in and 3 will buy your product. This missionaries, I believe relies on this formula to get people to join their church.

Praise to Allah, with some knowledge, I manage to have an interesting discussion with the missionaries and asked many questions on Christianity referring to the Bible. Alarmingly, there is quite a signification number of question that they can't or wouldn't answer. Although I like to discuss more especially about their belief in judgement day which they mentioned, they have to leave because it is already quite late at night. Praise to Allah, I managed to give them a book and brochure (which I have stock for this kind of opportunity) for them to read and understand about Islam. My hope is they will understand better about Islam.

In contrast, Islam way of inviting people into the faith, we don't knock on our neighbours door or anybody doors to talk about Islam. Our da'wah is us, how we behave towards others and how we are steadfast in our religion. As in the example above, Muslims can make a difference by engaging in a constructive dialog with non-Muslims. As well, we should keep stock of useful brochure/informational booklet about Islam at home for distribution to the Christian missionaries who came knocking at our door. In this way, we are also passing on the message of Islam to them. Who knows they find the truth from that little information we gave them.

The missionaries can be proud and claim they converted 15 million muslim to christianity, but Islam is still the fastest growing religion in the world. Why? one may ask. After all the bad publicity from the media and 120,000 anti-Islamic books. It is, I believe that more people are curious about Islam now, because of the bad publicity, and decide to learn more about it. By Allah's grace they find the truth and reverted to the natural faith. I've met so many Islam reverts (we term Islam converts as reverts because in Islam, they are returning to the natural faith) whom are more dedicated to Islam than those who are born in a Muslim family. Subhanallah. In fact their knowledge is deeper and far more than us born-Muslim. You are right, knowledge is key and with knowledge, we are able to defend our religion and propogate them.