Recipes for men


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Recipes for men

This book is the result of a project of the United Methodist Men of the First United Methodist Church, Pittsburg, Kansas. We want to sell copies of it in order to raise money so that we can buy playground equipment.

The original title of this book was A Sweet Savor Unto the Lord. My vision had been to put together a lot of manly recipes that involved burning wood and the flesh of hoofed mammals, whether they chewed their cuds or not. I thought that we could include sections on “Soups to Sell your Birthright for,” “Bread from Heaven,” and so forth. The idea was to make it a he-man, Bible-based cookbook with recipes for barbeque and nuggets of wisdom from scripture woven together in a manly fashion.
That didn’t happen.

I think it was a good idea, I think I might even try it again one day, but that was not the Lord’s will.

This is the book that happened instead. Though the final version didn’t fit my original vision, I do believe the process has been Spirit led. While it didn’t fit my personal vision, it became a part of a greater vision. People offered recipes and offered their suggestions, and the book changed in the process.
Phil and Diana Carter were among the first to submit recipes and one of their recipes was a humorous one for Elephant Soup. I read it during announcements at Holy Rock Café one Wednesday in early January 2006, and as a result, our pastor, Tom Sims, suggested that Elephant Soup might be a good title for the book. I thought the idea to be inspired, perhaps even God-breathed, so you see it as the title of this thin but well-filled volume.
Even though this project includes recipes from women its impetus still came from the United Methodist Men, and it is because of that Recipes for Men remains as a subtitle.

Seeing that subtitle, as production of the book progressed, different people have reacted in different ways. Some, perhaps most, of our contributors, whether male or female, have made an attempt to turn in manly recipes.
The ancient Psalmist asked, “What is man that thou art mindful of him?”
The answer from some of the ladies who contributed, led by their experience with the opposite sex no doubt, was “something with the skill of a two-year-old.” These folks contributed easy recipes that anyone could make that look tasty in spite of their simplicity.

On the other hand, there are some recipes which are practically essays. One recipe—and I challenge you to find it—summons up images of fine crystal filled with expensive wine and well-mannered servants holding silver trays.
We also received a lot of recipes for meat and, relatively speaking, a large number of desserts. I consider that a good thing.

However, it has left me with another question. What would be a good recipe for a man? Is there a list of things a man could do that would make him better as a human being, better as a representative of his gender?
This is a question that each age has to answer in its own way, but I hope it provides you with some food for thought as you eat your way through this book.

In closing, I would like to give my thanks to everyone who contributed to this book and all those who offered encouragement, and in particular, to Vonnie Corsini who gave encouragement and twisted a few arms just as my strength was flagging.
Bobby Winters, Editor