It is literally on it's way now - just FTPing some Wicca files, with a basic Druid set of Welsh legends being formatted for upload as well. ;)
Got Wicca up, but still need to add links to move between the articles more easily.

The Druidic stuff I'll have to do tonight - looks like I'll be too busy this afternoon to get that section done.
Well, I did have up a section of wicca/witchcraft texts - Charge of the God, the Great Invocation, etc - but I've decided to keep aside of the Gardnerian tradition for the moment and try and get some of actual Celtic etc literature up instead and taken the older stuff down. I now have an all encompassing "neo-paganism" section, instead of a separate "Wicca" and "everything else" page.

I've placed TW Rolleston's "Myths and Legends of the Celtic Race" up, which is a great source on the Irish - and also the Welsh "Mabinogion" - possibly the silliest sounding word I've ever heard from these isles... ;)

Also just uploaded "God of the Witches" - basically, Margeret Murray's summation of witchcraft from the Mediaeval era. Lots of probs, actually, getting the pages to work - looked sppoky - nothing would show. But I'd simply mis-selt both my directory and the directory path for the index files. Doh! :-[

Right, now I'll take a look at the non-canonicals...
Think I've finally made up my mind on how to handle the entire neo-pagan concept - think I'll have what's already there with the Mabinogion and the Irish myths and Dr Margeret Murray in their own neo-Pagan section - then collect Arcadia and the best Gardnerian work to go with the Wiccan Rede and the 13 Principles in their own "Wicca" section.

Hope I can get that done by Friday when I intend to invite folks here...