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Welcome to the next installment of "Who Is...?"

OK, I must confess, I know who Manjushri is but I'm going for a Manjushri empowerment next weekend and thought I'd see if anyone had any bits of info or stories envolving Manjushri that they would like to relate prior to my going.

Namaste rdwillia,

Manju-shri is the Bodhisattva that inspires my practice the most.

Manjurshri means, roughly, "sweetly glorious" or "wonderfully auspicious" and is considered the Bodhisattva of Wisdom. in Tibetan, his name "Jampel-yang" means "gentle friend".

Buddhist icongraphy is quite symbolic and i think that i would feel comfortable in saying that a great deal of information is being communicated with this symbolism that, for many beings, requires a fair amount of academic study to become aquainted with. the sword which Manjurshri weilds represents the duality cutting Wisdom by means of logical analysis and analytical investigation. in his other hand, is the Prajnaparamita Sutra, the Perfection of Wisdom Sutra.

have a wonderful trip this weekend :)


Thanks Vaj,

Though, it's actually next weekend. I also have felt a close karmic bond with Manjushri. I didn't realize his book was the Prajnaparamita, 'tis my favorite sutra. I actually have to memorize that in the coming months for a class. I assumed his "book" was just a random representation of Dharma, should have known better. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.:)