pema chodron

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hey everyone,

below is a link to a website that has a lot of material about pema chodron and how she practises, and thought it might be a useful if not interesting read for some people. especially as is it is so accesable.

her way of practising is so gentle and she emphasises a ballance between kindness to others and towards yourself. for me, her practise is very practical and i hope it will be helpful to anyone who reads it.

namaste and thank u for the post.

i, personally, am a big fan of pema chodrons. i have read a few things by her, including her book 'when things fall apart' which i would suggest to anyone whether or not they are buddhist. she is so very kind in her words that it amazes me. i just hope that one day my practice will be as fruitful as hers. but, again, thank u for the post. the link is very interesting.

be well in peace