what convinced you your faith is the truth?

Discussion in 'Baha'i' started by paul, May 29, 2006.

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    Just one point that I think is important to mention is that the Writings of the Bab are regarded by us Baha'is as being sacred revealed scripture. So it is with great reverence that we regard them and they are not wholly the province of scholars or specualtors nor for those who seek to attack the Bab...note the statement above:

    "...after 124,000 prophets and atleast 11 Imams, all of whom were far more illustrious than the Bab.."

    This statement reveals his true attitude.

    There is also no conspiracy to prevent people from access to the Bayan by Baha'is as is alleged here by Imran..this is another example of innuendo. Baha'is also have had available to them the Persian Bayan translated into French by ALM Nicolas since 1914:

    The Persian and Arabic Bayans have been translated into French by A.L.M. Nicolas: Le Beeyan Persan., Paris: Librairie Paul Geuthner, 1911-1914; Le Beyan arabe. Le livre sacree du Babysme. Paris: Ernest Leroux, 1905.

    An abstract of the Persian Bayan by E. G. Browne is published in M. Momen (ed.), Selections from the Writings of E. G. Browne, Oxford, 1987, pp. 316-406.

    What is overlooked and misunderstood by many is that the Bab intended to shake up the powers of the ecclesiastical authorities of Shiah Islam which was successful. Many of His laws and ordinances were never actually intended to be enforced. Most of His followers were not even aware of them. He also subordinated Himself to Him Whom God would make manifest or as we Baha'is believe Baha'u'llah a preparation not unlike that provided by John the Baptist for His Holiness Jesus the Christ. Just as the teachings of John became subordinate to those of Christ.

    - Art
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    And with that - thread closed. :)

    Imranshayk, I now recall that I'd already warned you about your approach to CR some time ago.

    While I can appreciate there will be religious disagreements and contentions, you've shown yourself to have no other motive at CR other than to "prove" the Baha'i faith wrong.

    This isn't acceptable regarding any faith here.

    If that's all you have to "contribute", then the "gift" is declined and you will be waved along your way.
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