Indo European foundation of Eurasia



Possibly, the pre-historic system persists today across the continent land-area. The Newgrange and Maeshowe cruciform sun-passage mounds of Ireland and Scotland have 4 free-standing pillars in the chamber. This resembles the Brahmin mythic Mount Meru, perceived as being north of Afghanistan "aryana" (due to the European "aryan" presence there). Indo-European Brahmins in India developed their faith 3500-2500 years ago. Angkor Wat in Cambodia was built as Mount Meru, having a central tower and 4 corner towers to represent the world-mountain of governance by Brahmins. This shape is seen in Gournay-sur-Aronde Celtic temple of 2300 years BP and the Pershore replica Celtic temple, in miniature as an incense burner, of 10th cent. Pre-Christian features are seen in Scandinavian wooden churches, such as at Lom in Norway, which has a central steeple, 4 corner spires and dragon finials with a curve, the same in detail as the Brahmin temple of the Emerald Buddha in Bangkok, Thailand.
Should these scattered examples be connected into one system of tradition?