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Hi all,

I joined the forum a couple of days back avowedly atheistic but that wasn't really true. I've always been Christian but I have fought and fought and fought against it. Well, no more. Today I met with a Christian friend and I reaffirmed my Christian faith. I was born and brought up as a Christian, having been christened and sent to church schools but somewhere along the line a combination of wanting to do things my way and also having bad experiences with fellow Christians put me off and so I went about my (less than) merry way. I don't wish anyone here to think I was duping them, what happened today was as much a surprise to me.

I was meeting my friend and we were just going to chat and it all came tumbling out. I told him I've always believed and have never lost sight of that and my need to label myself all different kinds of things was a means of wishing to do things my way. Then a bizarre thing happened, out of the corner of my eye I saw someone walking his dog someway off and who was it but none other than my friend's (and at one time, my) pastor. I think today was meant on some level. I waved across to him and he came on over, I repented of my previous actions and reaffirmed myself within the Christian tradition. I'm being picked up for church on Sunday morning by my friend. Anyhow, it's good to be here and that's where I'm at really.


Hey Jonathan

Good to have you on the site, I look forward to seeing you in a discussion sometime.