Empathy and Discernment


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Q, I hope you don't mind. I have some questions about this post from another thread:

Originially posted by Quahom1 in Gifts of the Spirit:

The Gift of discernment, however is a different matter. It is like life, in that it can be given, and be taken away in an instant. It is not natural, but rather supernatural. There are certain expectations that the "God" has of the recipient of that particular gift. Else, God would not have given that gift to begin with. It is not an advantage (like empathy could be), but rather a burden, or accountable (in specific fashion). Unlike Empathy which can be "invested" in (or strengthened), discernment is given to the recipient "fully developed". That is all you get, and it is enough for God's intention.

Where empathy waxes and wanes, discernment is fixed. You have it or you don't. And unlike empathy, discernment is not something anyone who has, wishes to have more of. That desire is not there. Discernment is a "gift" that has "strings attached". Cut the strings, and lose the gift...:eek:

my thoughts so far


You say "my thoughts so far." I get the impression it is a conclusion arrived at via much contemplation. I do not remember ever reading anything like this in the Bible. Thus my question: How does one arrive at this view of discernment and empathy inside the Christian tradition?