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    There's a lot of good music available on the net for free. Some crud as well. ;)

    The short is that when I was promoting my own music on, some while ago, I listened to a lot of the Renaissance/Celtic/Period Folk music - and then placed my favourites into a playlist called "Aairin's Quality Period Music".

    Everything can be listened to or downloaded for free, and since all of us small artists have been squeezed from the site I doubt anyone is getting anything from the plays these days.

    I highly recommend folks here pay attention to a couple of the tunes in particular:

    1/ The Silver Whistle (An Fhideag) by the Moors - a superb hypnotic pagan track. It really captures something esoteric.

    2/ Lionheart by Angels of Venice/ Carol Tatum - just a great upbeat instrumental, using a variety of instruments, including violin, flute, and mandolin.

    3/ Caoineadh Cu Chulaine by Rosewynde, Flute and Harp - a nice slow atmospheric harp and flute combo with haunting synth chords.

    4/ Brian Boru's March by Harpsong - just a nice Celtic-style folk instrumental.

    Also check out the Scarborough Faire version by Scott Williams, played on period instruments - really superb stuff.

    Also note the haunting guitar melody from Abysis Projects - if you check their homepage there's some really nice Middle-Eastern music for download from there.

    Btw - no - I get nothing from this, and don’t know any of the artists (excepting a little e-mail correspondence with Rosewynde). Some of the artists may in real life be complete jerks - I don't know - but the music is really worth checking out.

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