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im sure many people associate Islam with a star and a cresent?
well.... these are not sighns of Islam...if Islam is the true religion as we know it is as the Quran says beautifully
''religion in the sight of Allah is Islam''
then how can we have symbols...what do they represent?
are we making them represent god? surely in all religions god cannt be represented...we shaould not ve using any smbols or statues as a major religion...not mentioning which one...but it is controlled from the vatican...
so the cresent and star...this craetes great demeaning factors for Islam in my oppinion...because before i was a muslim i read taht the moon symbol came from the symbol of the moon god...thus suggesting Islam is worshiping a moon god?symbols can give bad interpretation...the only symbols i beleive we shud have in Islam is ourselves...presenting ourselves well...letting others see the greatness and respect, peace and way of Islam...because Islam is not a religion so to is a way of tells us how to life each and every aspect of our lives...and for each and every one of these Allah has given us a reason in the Quran and throught the ways of the prophet Muhammad, salallahu alayhie wasallam, becasue He wants us to see the right path and to live accordingly to the life He alone has given us..
You've raised a very good and intresting point. in many school, the moon and star is taught to be the symbol of Islam, which it isn't. though in order to create some sort of intrepretation out of it, many teach the star to represent the five pillars of Islam, and the moon is meant to explain how the muslim calendar is a lunar one. Though you have a very valid point. Symbols can be misrepresented and interpreted i.e the idea of thinking the moon is for a moon god.
Many also confuse religion with culture and the moon and star is the symbol for the pakistani flag.
Of the Abrahamic faiths, I think Christianity is the only one whose symbol actually has anything to do with the religion.

It's unfortunate that people misinterpret the meaning based on their own personal experiences and biases rather than asking someone who actually knows.
Crescent & star were sumbols of turks who ruled the last huge Islamic empires in Asia, Europe & Africa . May be thats why crescent/star became a symbol of Islam , or was supposed to be a symbol of Islam .

While reading a lot of information about various signs and symbols, neither the cross or the moon&crescent are the representative of a monotheistic believes, therefore, I personally feel, should be abolished in the religions.

As it is known, the cross symbol was used as the symbol of Apollo in the ancient Rome and continued to be embedded in the Christianity. Its origin is of pagan origin, even satanists use it in their symbology.

In regards to the moon&crescent, the sign is also pagan but some made it 'islamic.' For a long time in the ancient world it was used to represent Venus a 'godess' of love and war. Depending of where the star is position compared to the crescent, one determines 'love/sexuality/sensuality' or 'war/death'.

Prophet Muhammad pbuh or Prophet Jesus pbuh never commanded their people to use any kind of symbolism in their faiths.

Going back to the prophecies, are the pagan signs that are 'representing' Christianity and Islam trully the mark of the Antichrist? :) Just a thought.
It is rather improbable that there is only one moon and that its apparent size is nearly equal to the sun, and that the shadow of the Earth on the moon is made nearly equal to the apparent size of the sun, and the shadow of the moon on the Earth nearly equal to the apparent size of the sun.

Symbols (signs) are not only in Islam, but the Quran directly references the sun, moon, and stars as symbols. The night, moon, and stars do have a meaning in Islam because there are several passages directly talking about them with some detail. The people who say these are not symbols (signs) in Islam are trying to equate a symbol with an idol. To the contrary, every word is a symbol so if you throw them out you have no language and no Quran. Every number is a symbol and all math is symbolic, so if you throw them out you have no math. In the brain every neuron is made a symbol of the world and all memory is symbolic, so if you throw them out you have nothing left to think with. Get the point? Symbols are a requirement, the Quran discusses some symbols, and the moon and night are specifically noted.

What the Quran does says is, don't prostrate to the symbols. So many alledged Muslims take this to mean they should destroy symbols to prevent people from sinning. It is they who sin. Whether a truthful symbol or a false symbol, they lock away a key to communication and understanding. Yet another argument against censorship, for it is they who would destroy even the symbols from Allah (swt), if they could.

So rebuke the false symbols, don't delete them. But the moon in the Quran is noted as a symbol.
I still remember the French decision to prevent muslim's girls from wearing cover over their head ,,they think that this is just Symbol and they compare it with cross , and jewish's symbols
The truth that we don't have a symbols or icons in islam at all

Allah bless all

The mentioning of the planets/stars/sun/moon in the Qur'an does not make the Holy Qur'an dependent on them. In the ancient times people believed that those creations of God were 'gods'. I believe they are mentioned in the Qur'an as miracles of God, and stricly only that.
In relation to Islaam, the celestial creations are not the symbols of Islam, but rather the whole universal Law is because Allah Almighty states in the Qur'an that everything abides by His Law and if anything would to go against that Law, it would be a disaster, chaos. Islaam means submission, to One Only God=one abides by God's Universal Law. So does moon, sun, stars. When the sun rises on the west, etc. is one miracle that God Almighty will make happen at the End of Times, but for now it abides by the Law.
One of my friends said that why most Islam countries chose a Cresent and a Star as symbol of their faith, or religion of the country... it is because that long time ago, Christianity, Jews and Islam were considered as the religion from Heaven. Heaven in this term means "from sky or universe". Moon and Stars are from the skies, and perhaps thats why. However, it is still no right or wrong to use cresent and staar as the symbol.... but, to be exact.... Saudi Arabia's flag would represent much better symbol of Islam.

"Laa ilaaha illa Allah, Muhammad arrasulullah".