Witnessing Evolution (conjecture)


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Witnessing Evolution (Conjecture)

One of the aspects of some Eastern philosophies that I have found limiting in the evolution of self-awareness is the idea of there being no witness. I have little argument with the idea that the unhealthy ego is an illusion, as is all things of creation. The unhealthy ego is a part of creation itself, and not the true Self. The unhealthy ego is the dream the Self is having, based upon the illusionary perception of separation and limitation.

Accordingly, some Eastern philosophies say that there is only Source. My understanding is that some congregate is becoming conscious, as demonstrated by consciousness evolving perpetually over ten and a half billion years. This conscious evolution is taking place in the arena of matter, from particles all the way to pre-frontal lobes.

The fact that the human body is one of the latest pieces of this long evolutionary chain would suggest that it is not humans who are evolving, but that the marvel of the human form would point towards consciousness inhabiting more and more complex forms as it evolves and expands. Nor should we assume it ends with humanity.What is the thing that is driving this evolution? Is the evolving consciousness the cause of it, or is it an effect of evolution? If we look at the as above so below, we see that we evolve not by choice, but by natural default. Why should it be any different for that which we are a part of?

I think it is becoming evident to some that behind the many cells (of consciousness) there is a wholeness...not a Oneness. This evolving consciousness is awakening within form, which is either caused by evolution itself, or that which is evolving. In this perception is the fact that evolution is the creator, and not a God. Evolution as a natural law or mandate which the expanding consciousness is subject to.

Some Eastern philosophers have always confused what is evolving with evolution itself, saying there is no duality present. Duality is self-evident all the way up, and all the way down, as above so below. Why does a universal truth as such end at the Self? There is a witness, and there is that which is witnessed. Even if the witnessed is illusion, it is nonetheless witnessed. This is the same delusion as claiming no witness in non-duality transcendental states.

How can there be no witness if there is an explanation of these states? How can there be no witness if anything is remarked upon? Even if you discover no-thing, and void in the non-dual state, how do you know you did, unless you witnessed some thing - no matter how subtle it was? I have always wondered at this huge gap in reason in some Eastern disciplines. If there was no witness, a person would have no idea they ever went into any state. "How did your meditation go, Bob?" "Huh, what are you talking about? I didn't meditate? Come to think of it, where did the last two hours go?"

Self-awareness begins with recognizing the unhealthy ego as not the true Self. Our true Self would be that part of the whole evolving into more and more expanded consciousness, and not the self that is attached to form and appetites. The true Self is here now, facing forward. The false Self is here now, entangled its inherited patterns from the past. But the journey does not end there. There is duality involved because evolution it would seem drives Self, and not the other way around.

My best guess to date is based upon an as above so below observation. A masuline aspect and feminine aspect gave birth to me. As a child I evolve through the levels of awareness to self consciousness, and eventually, if I am one of the fortunate few, to Self consciousness. Consciousness as a whole started at the big bang the same - a zygote produced from active and passive principles. It's evolution is what has created all form. The form evolves to more complex to house more expanded Self consciousness.

Overly simplified yes, and yet very possible in its self-evident reflection throughout creation and awareness. The Big Bang, the whole's arrival into evolving consciousness, to my understanding points to all parts having active and passive principles as their creator. There are perhaps other whole's on the other side of the Big Bang. Holons within holons. Organisms as cells as organisms.

I am curious about everyone's perception of evolution. As you can see, it is an area that I have taken quite an interest in, and as the above conjecture points out, I have put together a personal ontology on the subject. What say you about my essay, and your own personal ontology regarding evolution?

Certainly an interesting read - thanks for that. Your comments on the nature of a "witness" is definitely something I'd seek further clarity on, simply because you are using a term outside of my immediate experience of the context. There's a lot I can personally identify with that you have written, though.

One part that I do find particularly contentious - if you are up for a discussion either here on this thread, else in another specifically for it - is that of duality. My own perception of the notion of duality itself is that it in itself is a mere metaphorical tool, and one that I find far too limiting and non-representative of the wider - it has no real representation in the objective reality that surrounds us (if it can be accepted). My own perception, and likely there's an argument that I misunderstand the application of the term. :)
Your comments on the nature of a "witness" is definitely something I'd seek further clarity on, simply because you are using a term outside of my immediate experience of the context.

The witness in the context used is the "what" I am, rather than the "who" that I am. I am limited to what language I have read on the subject, because I know my awareness of Self, but often have trouble finding words that haven't been homogenized. I think Self might be the same thing, as well as "healthy ego" which is present, whereas as an "unhealthy ego" would be historical and to some degree unconscious within the dream.

My own perception of the notion of duality itself is that it in itself is a mere metaphorical tool, and one that I find far too limiting and non-representative of the wider - it has no real representation in the objective reality that surrounds us (if it can be accepted).

I think duality as used represents the black and the white. Reality tends to occur somewhere in the grey. Duality as I used it was in the context of polar extremes of passive and active principles. Eastern disciplines in my limited experience tend to see the passive principle (being) as ultimate reality. Western disciplines tend to see the active principle (doing) as ultimate reality. Conscious creation (causal/christ consciousness) manifests within the present moment as "do here now". That is what I see consciousness evolving to presently. Somewhere between a personal God and an impersonal principle.

Please be aware that I am describing something that I have arrived at through contemplation, so the limitations of my language are due to it being original thought on my part, and trying to share it with words that I have inherited. I am an explorer of Self, and stay aligned with the inner guidance as virtually my sole teacher. It works for me, but it also makes communicating my perceptions difficult, because I don't know the broader meaning of descriptive language regarding metaphysical and subjective experience.

I certainly appreciate the difficulties of communicating spritual concepts. I suspect that is why so much spiritual commentary ultimately relies on metaphor to convey meaning, rather than attempt a direct description using vocabulary. I'll try and give matters some thought, though things are not very relaxed over here at the moment. :eek:
I'll try and give matters some thought

personally, brian, this is why i stopped in and stayed one day, and why i have missed this exceptional forum when i lost the link...you have created a space for exploration, by and for mature seekers. i am proud to have my name amongst all of you, and for one, dearly appreciate the atmosphere here, considering how combative it seems online these days. you have my blessings, and good wishes for all your endeavors here and elsewhere.

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Glad you found your way back! It's hard not to forget your opening story of your ride across America, and how that ended. Certainly strong constructive writing. And like everyone else here you bring your own important insights. I am merely the host - it is the company that entirely makes a place like this. :)

I hope to see you post more abou the issue of a witness and self-evolution - not least that I can get a better handle on your own use of terms.

Of course, don't let myself distract from the original topic of this thread...