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I couldn't decide whether this belonged in this topic, or in the "scientific" topic. It is kind of like a shortened version of the scientific theory, so it could have fit in the other topic. But since it is my own changed and used creation, I will put it here. If it needs to be moved/deleted, I apologize. Also, you can find this method in my introduction post. It's a big enough part of the way I do things that I thought it belonged there.

I never thought of throwing a name on this until I was making a post about it. It is basically a very shortened version of the scientific method, but it is also very different. It is a way to approach any kind of situation, no matter what. It's not perfect, but it has ALWAYS worked for me. I hope it can do the same for you. After listing the steps and what they mean, I'll put an example (from just a few weeks ago) that is off-the-wall. This will be just to show you how many kinds of situations this can be used in. Also, if you have your own set way of approaching situations, please tell me! I love learning new ways, and possibly incorporating my way with someone elses. I named it the Raz0r Method just a few moments ago when I made my introductory post, but you're more than welcome to call it whatever you like :D Here are the steps to take when using the Raz0r Method in any situation:

1) Identify the -subject-. (normally -subject- would be problem. But this method has helped me when there wasn't a problem at hand, such as a calm discussion. So thus I say subject instead of problem. Use it in any way you can think of to see how it works for you.)

2) Approach and -analyze- the -subject- from all possible angles/perspectives. (((-analyze is used loosely. -see- was used in it's place in my introductory post.)) This is the hard part. Some people are set in their ways and can't see many other perspectives. Even if you're good at it, you're bound to miss some perspectives every now and then. I know there's no way to see it from every perspective sometimes, and nobody is perfect. So just check it out in as many angles/perspectives as is possible for you. Its the best you can do.)

3) List as many possible -answers- to the -subject- as you can. (Sometimes you can only think of a few, sometimes you can think of tons. The words -answer- and -subject- are again used loosely, as it can be a problem, discussion, anything pretty much. So in different situations you would not have an answer, but an open opinion, or anything. This can be used to fix an oven or any object, or also in conversation... its pretty good way to approach any kind of situation. Nobody can list all of the possible - answers- , so just as many as you can think of. Again, no one is perfect (or if you rather, everyone is perfect in their own way, but no one is the same).

4) Narrow the list of -answers- to what you think is the best -answer-. (again, no one is "perfect" or no one is the same, so what you think is the best answer may not be, but usually once you think about it, it's an excellent answer. If it's wrong, you can go back to step three, pick a new answer, and if you still cannot get the right -answer-, you're at least guaranteed to learn something from the experience. Learning should always be the goal, but of course if it's something you need the -answer- to, is always nice to find that you were correct :) )

---This is what I use. It works for me, and it has worked for a few of the people who have asked me how I am good at debating and such, and they all thank me for it. If you have your own way to approach -subjects- I would be VERY interested in hearing it. This is just a good, open, all-around method that I use, and it has served me well. I hope it will do the same for you.---

Please tell me what you think of this. I appreciate all comments, good/bad , appeasing/degrading. All I can do is learn. Feel free to be completely truthful with me. I do not get upset about opinions, whatsoever, unless someone refuses to see something from ANY other perspective than their own, and think that that are ALWAYS right. I've only ran into one or two people like this in my life, and generally I will just avoid them. They have no wish to learn, and I can learn very little from them. With that said, I appreciate all comments and everything will get responded to in a decently timely matter. May you all find peace within yourselves!
EDIT - For some reason this laptop that I just switched over to is not showing me the edit option. I apologize to all who read the above post for not including the example that I had said I would include. In this reply I will post the example. When I get the edit option to show, I will delete this "reply" and include the example in the first post. Again, I apologize.

Okay, here are two examples where I used this method in a way that some would find unusual. This is just to show how many different situations this method can be used in.

I was at Buffalo Wild Wings on a thursday night, 3-4 weeks ago approximately. I am not extremely attractive or anything, and I do pride myself on my conversational skills, and the values that I have as a person. I beleive everyone should have something about themselves that they have pride in, I'm sorry if that sounded conceited. Anyway, to get back on topic, there was a VERY beautiful girl (Nessa) sitting at a table consisting of 2 other decently attractive girls, and 3 fellow men. I sat back for a few minutes, then found my first "Problem". The more I sat and thought about talking to her, the more afraid of rejection I was becoming. I analyzed this problem quickly. Most guys would be afraid. Not only am I approaching a girl (something many guys have to work up to), but I am approaching her while she is with friends. It was an emotional lock up that damn near every man alive has experienced.

So first problem analyzed. The second problem I would also analyze before I moved on to step 3 with the first problem. The second problem was how I could possibly get into their group, without seeming awkward, strike up a conversation with her, and get a phone number or something so that perhaps I could chat with her later. At the time I was just basing everything on looks, which looking back was very shallow of me. But I was at a bar, and I was being the general guy. (note that I was not drinking, I'm 19). Okay. Both problems analyzed. On to step three with both problems (Note that while I was thinking all of this, I was not thinking "step three.." and so on. I was just naturally using this method because it is what I've done for a long time, and it's coming naturally.) Okay. I would have to just get over myself and take a chance at being laughed at and everything. It was a risk over reward opportunity. The risk was being laughed at by a group of people that I would never see again. Them laughing at me for trying to talk to someone would just be ignorant on their part, and I would put them back as shallow people, and lose all interest in the girl. The reward was my target: The girl talking to me, hopefully in the future as well as in the present moment. To me the reward was greater than the risk. I counted several of the possible -answers- to the man-freezing-up problem. Here are some of them: *illegally drink and get some "liquid courage", *Just get the hell over it and take the chance, *forget about the girl and continue my good time with friends, *Have a friend pass a note. Okay now. The liquid courage idea may be good, but I don't want to be kicked out of my favorite establishment. Karaoke night and BWW is still a favorite pasttime of mine. Forget the girl? I've already set my mind on it, so thats no go. And a friend passing the note? while that idea actually DID go through my mind, I quickly shoved it off as elementary and immature, even though there is a slight possibility the girl would think it is cute. Only one answer left - Get over it, get up, and go over to the table.

Now, the second problem is a little less complex. How to incorporate myself into their conversation and slowly get the girl's attention. I don't want to just walk up and ask her to talk to me for a minute, and I don't just want to go up and ask for a number. I want to establish some kind of connection - trust - bond with her, all of this while her friends are sitting very close around her. How to do it?

I didn't even list solutions for this. It came to me pretty quickly. I would have to go up with a big smile, and be friendly to everyone. Get some kind of conversation going with the entire group, and not single the girl out. Then slowly turn my attention to her.

So I went to the table, and to break the ice, said: "I haven't seen any of you around here before" (it was true, I'm there almost every thursday, and hadn't seen any of them). They told me they were all college students at JMU, and were staying on campus over the summer. They had just found out about Buffalo wild wings so close to campus, and they had always liked the BWW at their home town, and couldn't wait to come. Theirs didn't have a karaoke night, and this one suprised them. I asked if they were planning on singing anything, and they all acted kind of shy of it. I told them I'd sing with one of them, and glanced at the girl quickly. I had been avoiding talking to her the entire time, and I was the center of attention for the moment, so she was noticing me, anyway. I went and signed up to sing .. well, actually I forget the name of the song at the moment, but it is a fairly soft song with Kid Rock and a Female singing it. I went back to the table and asked for everyones name, they all told me (the girl's name was nessa) When i went up to sing, I called her up there, she came shyly enough, but did the song fantastically. Afterwards we hugged - peck on the cheek. After the peck on the cheek I asked for a number, and got it.

To make a long story just a bit longer, for the last 2 and a half weeks I've been dating nessa. She has an excellent personality and is very beautiful.

The method had succeeded again.

Now, for a very short example. I lived with two guys named billy and doug. An argument about how rent was being split was easily foreseeable in the future. I saw the problem quickly enough, and analyzed it. We look at the rent and utilities as one large lump sum, and then split it 3 ways. I could tell billy was tired of paying an equal amount, which he should be, since most of the furniture being used was his, and the dual xenon server that we all shared was his. Even in MY perspective, me and doug should pay a little more than he does. The way I settled this was actually extremely weird now that I look at it.

During random conversations with each of them (seperately), I looked for an opening when I could mold the conversation and slowly be able to explain the "Raz0r Method" without making it seem like I was just throwing it at them out of the blue. Both of them liked it. When the rent argument came around (it was not an argument, billy had used the method to decide how much less rent he should pay than us, and brought it up)... and we both just looked at each other and agreed. This seems like it might have happened anyway, until you look at the fact that Doug thinks everything in life should be fair, straight down the middle. I know he would have argued his heart out with any strand of arguable resources he could have gotten his hand on. But because billy showed us exactly what he wanted, black and white, and explained why, Doug was able to look at it from his perspective, and agreed without argument. Everything had worked perfectly.

The method had succeeded again.

Okay, I know that is long and quite possibly boring (depending on what kind of material you like to read), but there are two ABSOLUTELY TRUE examples of when the Raz0r Method was used and worked just as it should. There may be sometimes when it doens't work quite as well, but I have not encountered those situations yet. I hope you like the method, and I hope it works for you in the future.

-As always, feel free to contact me in any way possible. If it is my email - make the subject so that I know it is someone from Comparative Religion emailing me. If my AIM - just say you're from Comparative Religion. I will always be happy to just chat / help the best I can with personal problems / cheer you up / help plan stuff... Anything I can help with I will try my best!

May you all find peace within yourselves!
Namaste Razor,

thank you for the interesting post.

whilst i am happy for you that your personal life is moving in a positive direction, i'm a bit unclear on the "scientific method" part of your idea.

are you conducting experiments with controls and all of that sort of thing or is this more of a clever play on words?


Thank you for being happy :) Lol.

It's more of a play on words. The scientific method is an exact way to handle experiments. This is MY (gotta say that, because it's pretty exact to me, but who knows what others may think) exact way to handle problems/situations in life. It works for me, and I would like to hear if it works for anyone else.
Classic problem solving technique and good critical thinking skills, I give it a thumbs up :D
Hi and Peace:) --

Raz0rClean, it has taken me a while to read and think over your post. First of all, I was curious about your handle! So, after reading the thread, I understood. But something still haunted me about it. After some consideration, I think I know what it is.

I think it is this: Your degree of desire to make the wisest decision seems uncommon for someone your age (no offense intended to anyone, but I've had kids and was also a young adult at one time, and while it is safe to say that most 19-year-olds want the best in their lives, I have not personally met many who go to such great depths to analyze the next step.:) )

Anyway, as Paladin said (Hi, Paladin! Great to see you around!), your method is really quite classic. The fact that you came up with it on your own says volumes in your favor.

I, too, have a few ideas that I have learned to put together over time. They aren't as scientific as yours, but they work (that is, when I actually follow them--and I follow them more and more as the years pass.) I will simply call them "The Bud Collection" (that's my dad's name:)). As you may see, they come mainly from outside sources, but like you, I think my dad found them from within himself:

1. Be prepared.

2. Make sure you're right, then go ahead.

3. Have a plan "B".

And while I did not make the following up either, I have added them to the collection:

4. Do no harm.

5. Envision the best and worst case scenarios, and know that the outcome will probably be somewhere in between.

I have some others, but if I posted them in this discussion, it would appear that I was pushing my religion (or faith, as I prefer to call it). And I don't want to do that here.

Anyway, something about your ideas compelled me to write. I guess I just wanted to throw in my simplistic approach and see if it floats.;)

Paladin - Thank you :)

InLove - (I beleive you either responded to some of my old threads, or I responded to some of yours last year. Your handle seems all too familiar... I'll check later.) I always appreciate another perspective. The technique that you've put here makes a whole lot of sense. My favorite step of yours would be:

5) Envision the best and worst case scenarios, and know that the outcome will probably be somewhere in between.

That one is very, very solid. The others are solid as well, but this is the one that happens to strike me the most.

--Also, PLEASE tell me the others. I never feel as if someone is pushing their religion, unless they are like: "CONVERT! It's the best and your stupid if you don't" - and that's not pushing religion, that's pushing ignorance. So please feel free to tell the others mate, I'm sure I will appreciate them as well.

-May you all find peace.
Dear RazOrClean—

Yes, I believe we have spoken with each other somewhere, maybe more recently than last year. I have been hanging out in the Lounge a lot over the past few months, so probably it was there.

I appreciate your open-mindedness, but I am a bit wary of posting the rest of my philosophical ideas here since they are Christian. While there is no doubt that the person of Jesus of Nazareth had a deeply profound effect on history, I think it is difficult for many people to accept his impact in the area of philosophy. Or maybe I should say that it is difficult for someone like me, who believes that He is my Saviour, to discuss His philosophy without relating it to The Spirit from which I believe it flows.

That said, I suppose that it might be okay, since you asked, for me to post the following Scripture passage. I hope that I am staying within the acceptable guidelines of CR when I do this. After all, there really is such a thing as Christian philosophy. But I think I must be very careful not to overstep the boundaries here (that’s what private messages are for, maybe?) And hopefully the moderators will notice that I have already quoted from not only Wiccan belief and philosophy, but the Boy Scouts of America to boot! So from my heart and mind, I’ll go ahead and say this much for now. If I get a citation, will you share responsibility?:)

Here we go. There are lots and lots of commandments in the Bible, but here is what Jesus said (there is a bit of background set-up):

Hearing that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, the Pharisees got together. One of them, an expert in the law, tested him with this question:
"Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?" Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself. All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments."

Well, there you have it. I could go on all day, but this pretty much sums it up. It would be very hard for me to follow the ideals I offered you previously from “Bud’s List” without the rest of what I believe. In fact, it might be impossible! (By the way, I agree with you about the “best/worst case scenario” idea—one of my favorites, and tried and true).

And… thank you for this opportunity. It does not come along very often in this type of setting. Keep in mind that I try to keep my PM box cleaned out in order to receive new messages.


It makes sense. Even from a point of view that is not Christian, you can easily interpret that in many ways. I love it, and it seems philosophy enough for me. Thank you.

And should a citation come to pass, which I don't think it will. I wanted knowledge, and you are the door that I pulled the knowledge through. Even if I pulled the knowledge into a forbidden room. So if it should come to pass, full responsibility should belong to me :)

Look forward to discussions with you in the near future!
Thanks, RazOrClean.:) By the way, I noticed last night after I posted, that I failed to cite the Biblcal passage from which I quoted. I tried to go back and edit, but I think it was during a lapse in update times, and I could not get back to my post. My source was from Matthew 22:34-40 NIV (New International Version). You can also find part of this philosophy supported in the Old Testament book of Leviticus (19:18).

Let me add that if you are interested in Christian philosphy, I am sure that you can discuss it on the Christian board anytime, and of course, I will do my best personally if you ever want to contact me.

I have enjoyed this conversation, too!