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Hi and Peace--

I am wondering why when I log out and close all my tabs and everything, and then 10 minutes or more later, I check without logging back in, and my username is still showing that I am logged in? I can't post during these times, even though it still shows I am here. I have even logged back in just to log out, but my name is still there at the bottom. If I may ask politely, what's up with that? Is it me?

Also, when I am posting, I have had to make it a habit to save what I am writing into my Word program because many times when I click on "Preview" or "Submit", I find my post is completely lost.

And probably, this has been addressed before somewhere, as I think I read it in my travels. But as long as I am here talking...when I try to go to the last post on any given thread, many times I find it impossible. I know all about looking for more responses underneath the ones listed--that does not help.

Has anyone else experienced any of these problems? Just wondering--not really complaining or anything.:) I can get things done anyway. But when I am trying to edit my last post and cannot find it...arrrgh!

Just questioning--ya know I love ya, Brian.:) Can you help? (Hang on a minute--gotta put this into Word so I don't lose it!) :D :confused: :)

Hi, Peace--

As long as I am ranting, what about these spammer people or whatever they are, like the one trying to very uncreatively sell us cell phones and such tonight? Is there a way we can blow them entirely off the Internet?

Just dreaming....

InLove (really);)
To try and save on resources, the server won't keep checking to see if someone is logged in every minute, but instead will do so at intervals (I believe it's either 15 or 20 minutes).

So if you log out, there will likely still be a delay before the server checks if you actually have in terms of online records.

As for losing posts - unfortunately, it's a common hazard on any bulletin board I've been in. And it's much more pronounced when people log in for individual sessions, because then you'll be automaticalyl logged out once the server updates - around every hour.

My recommendation is to login and check the "always login" box - that should not only keep you logged in, saving you from having to keep doing so - but it also helps massively against losing posts.

However, that's only advised if you're using your own PC - obviously not a good idea when sharing a computer in a library. :)

Hope that helps.
Thanks, Brian. Yes, it helps. Makes sense, and sort of what I thought you might say. I guess that it also often takes a while to update the last post on a thread as well....

InLove (and frequently InQuandry:D)

Concerning your question about the spammers: you see the little triangle in the lower lefthand corner of the posts? Just click it on the offending post and the right people will be notified of the problem. :) We won't bite you. The offenders, on the other hand... :D

Sorry guys. *hands out the :kitty:s*

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine
Thanks, Phyllis:) --I like to think that I am a fairly observant individual, but I have never noticed it before!:eek: :rolleyes: