When will the meek inherit the earth? Whenever they want to.


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I just want to clarify my understanding of the meek, those have no power and one measure of power is money so the majority of the power is in the hands of the rich therefore the meek must be the poor. Although there are other means of getting power money is the most effective, so let’s consider what money really is and from that look for a way to acquire an easy transition of poor from the powerful to the meek. Well they need to inherit the earth before it’s too late unless there was an extra line “after the powerful have finished with it.”
The following is lifted from the website mentioned so if sounds a little preachy I’m sorry just a bit excited at the opportunity that it presents.

The perfect bank account.
Imagine an interest free loan with no fixed repayments, as money comes in it counts as a repayment, but you can always have the initial loan amount at anytime. Imagine you can pay and be paid anytime anywhere, day or night and the money is cleared in seconds. Imagine a bank where you are never charged for being overdrawn, if you write a cheque you can’t cover it’s bounced for free, no fuss or embarrassment it happens sometimes. Imagine real time banking, from the minute money goes in it's yours to spend, notes don’t bounce why should cheques? Imagine a bank so efficient that it doesn’t need fancy offices and thousands of staff after all it’s just banking not rocket science. If only Carlsberg did banking, well perhaps they will.

Everyone has heard of bartering, most people believe that it was replaced by the introduction of money thousands of years ago. The first popular incarnation of cash was gold and this was for thousands of years the benchmark for all monetary systems. But gold is also a basic commodity like silver, salt and wheat. Fact is that introducing gold was just indirect bartering as we exchanged one commodity for another till we got what we needed.

A few hundred years ago the first banks arrived offering to look after our gold and in return they gave us receipts. These receipts where the for runners of cheques which in turn spawned the first bank notes. Tying the value of paper money to gold is known as the gold standard. Despite notes and cheques being used for most purchasing this “money” was still gold by proxy, gold is a commodity there for we were still bartering.

We continued to barter until the First World War when the government had a major problem, they needed more gold for the war effort. They did the only thing they could and abandoned the gold standard and began printing money. The point in history when we abandoned barter was not thousands of years ago as banks would have you believe, it was abandoned with the gold standard only 90 years ago.

The more money we print the less value the money already printed has, this devaluing of existing money is inflation, with each passing year governments printed more money. Today a pound can buy so little gold that in reality it’s not worth the paper it is written on. But we continue to use it; we continue to trust in the fact that someone will exchange our pound note for something more valuable. This is known as a fiat or faith currency, a currency underwritten not by gold or silver or salt but by faith in a government’s ability to keep the country trading with the world, because if the world loses faith in your currency you are in trouble.

There is no point in trying to return to the gold standard, that was tried after the First World War, it caused the great depression and no one wants that. So what can we do? Just keep going until an average house costs a million paper pounds? What we need to find is a new way to underwrite and value our money.

I began by describing what I imagined the perfect business account should be like, from a sole trader to a corporate, it makes no difference, in business cash flow is king. The bank account that I described is here today, it never charges interest and clears cheques instantly 24 hours a day. It’s called Barter at (*site address removed by moderator*) and all you need to get credit is some trade, access to the internet and a mobile phone. It’s free to join and ask for the credit you need, of course you have to rated just like any credit rating but that’s done by your fellow traders. You can use the money with anyone who will accept it and that could be anyone with a mobile. The currency of BarterTC is trade, the unit of currency is a trade pound and the commodities underwriting it are the goods, services and knowledge of the all BarterTC members, who knows maybe one will be Carlsberg, everyone is invited.

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Hello Peale,

Here is what my dictionary says of meek..
meek adj. meek·er, meek·est
1. Showing patience and humility; gentle.
2. Easily imposed on; submissive.

To be meek in my view is not to be poor. Nor is it to be powerless. True power resides in patience and humility. It is not something one tries to do, rather it is a product of ones nature when truth rules over ego.

To measure power by money is not in my view spiritually. That is the way of 'the world'. Spritually is the way of the spirit. Your post sounds more like an advertisement for Bartering. I wish you well in your endeavours but it does not sound appropriate here.

to be meek also means to be teachable, so i like to think that i am taught by Jesus christ, because Jesus christ was taught by Jehovah God , and then i will have the best teacher. so when the bible says the Meek will inherit the earth, it will be those who are taught by Jehovah. but i think i have a long way to go yet..........work in progress............
Hi peale,

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I don't mean to distract, but this reminds me of a story from law school. As an "extra credit" question, my Real Property professor offered the following joke:

God's will leaves the Earth to Jesus for 1000 years, remainder estate to the Meek.
Nietzsche announces God's death in 1882. Will the Meek inherit the Earth?

The "winning" answer was from someone who wrote: "Yes, but the Meek will have to sell it to pay the legal fees from the will contest." :D
It's spam dressed up as a discussion topic. Topic left up so as not to remove member posts, and Luna's removed the ad link.
And the meek ones will certainly increase their rejoicing in Jehovah himself, and even the poor ones of mankind will be joyful in the Holy One of Israel himself, Isaiah 29;19

He will cause the meek ones to walk in [his] judicial decision,​

And he will teach the meek ones his way psalm 25;9..........yes to be meek is to be taught by the Almighty himself. now that is the best teacher to be taught by would you not agree?
seek Jehovah, all YOU meek ones of the earth, who have practiced His own judicial decision. Seek righteousness, seek meekness. Probably YOU may be concealed in the day of Jehovah’s anger. ZEPHANIAH 2;3