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Mediumship, when I first started my path towards self awareness, came very easy to me. It seemed I passed some imaginary threshold, and suddenly I had a line of communication with spirits that had never existed before. Over a three year period I did over 500 readings, most of which were extremely accurate.

Since I was never formally taught to be a medium, I developed a natural methodology that fit my personality, and what I hoped best served those I read for. Generally once a good connection was made, I would walk the person through the home of the spirit I was in contact with. This was very endearing to most who sat with me, because it raised all sorts of loving and poignant memories of growing up with or around the loved one I was in contact with. It also proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that I was legitimate, because I had no way of knowing the contents of a home that I had never seen before, let alone entered.

To add icing on the cake, if the connection were particularly good, I would begin to take on the mannerisms and nervous tics of the spirit I was in contact with. Again this was demonstrable proof, as I had no way of knowing the gestures and movements of a person I had never been in contact with. I was also known for my ability to allow the spirit to appear within my facial features. Only in a strong connection would this happen, but it happened quite a few times that the spirits face would superimpose over my own for brief amounts of time. That of course could be the person's imagination, so I never counted it as definitive proof. It was just a bonus for those who were open to the reading. I always endeavored to do my readings in a well lighted space, so that the person I was reading for wouldn't question their perceptions.

I stopped doing readings about 4 years ago because my journey went inward. I was never very comfortable doing mediumship because it felt more like entertainment than serving. I do know that I helped many find closure and allowed them to say the things that life didn't manifest. I have no regrets for the time I spent doing the work, but am grateful that I didn't get stuck in that level of service work. If a person is eternal in essence, then there are no actual things as grandmothers or fathers. They are part of the dream, and although it could be healing in emotional matters, it was not what I wanted to be focused on.

Has anyone had experience working as a medium? Have you sat with one, or gone to a Sunday service at a spiritualist church? It can be a very convincing experience for those of you who have doubts about the continuation of our consciousness beyond the physical body's demise. I know I have very little fear of death because of my experiences with mediumship. It is nice to know the journey apparently continues on into the mysteries that lie beyond the physical world we inhabit.

Gld to see this brought up. :)

I'd be very interested in you describing more of your own experiences - not just examples that perhaps you want to tell of, but how it affects you, and how the process works on you - and how you've been received. I figure you must have more than a few interesting experiences to relate.

My own is very limited, a mere touch on the matter.

I do have difficulty in separating the concept of "mediumship" from general "awareness" though, in terms of it being one of many experiences a person can tap into when they "tune in".

Maybe this is because I completely misunderstand the mediumship process. Or perhaps the distinction is that I have never tried to control how the awareness is applied - instead, simply trying to watch for specific information while in a "tuned in" state.

With regards to the post - the nearest I've been was in 1997, the height of my spritial growth - the government placed me on an unemployment scheme here in Britian called "Project Work". I basically ended up sitting with blind people in an institute for the blind for about 13 weeks.

There was one person came in during my stay - called Dennis. He had problems with his lungs - perhaps asthma. Some of the others stated that he didn't have long (some of the older blind people found great amusement in betting on which amnog them would drop dead).

I was still learning how to tune in properly at the time - and one day, while quite bored, I decided to tune in just to kill time.

Funny - although the room was quiet I had the distinct sensation of there being voices around Dennis. I also felt that he was asking them if he had been a good man, and they were affirming that he had. I felt very much that he was being groomed for death.

I was drawn to all this and felt him reaching out emotionally. So I got up and wlked over to him, sat down by his chair, and held the hand of an old old man.

Normally he would have flinched away, surprised at being touched unannounced. This time he didn;t.

We just sat there for quite some time - a good ten minutes or so - in total silence, while I felt the voices around him.

Eventually, the feeling faded, and I let go. Dennis simply turned his face towards me and said "Thank you."

I nearly told the staff that Dennis would be dead soon. But I figured against sounding a bit mad, so just kept quiet.

Dennis was still there when the 13 weeks was up - I thought I may have been quite mistaken about the experience.

I promised some of the others I would make a return visit, and eventually did a few months later.

Most of the familiar faces were there. Dennis was not. I asked one of the others went he had died. Apparently, it was the week after I had left.

1997 was a year of experiences.
Some fascinating experiences :)

I'm glad somebody brought this up. I discovered I had mediumistic abilities when I was 15/16, though things had been happening long before that which i didnt fully understand.

I used to close my eyes every night and see colours of blue and purple. I didn't think anything of that at first until I started to see eyes looking back at me, all different types of eyes, some not even human, all at once, and they were all opening. Some would fade into the background then new ones would appear. I used to tell them to go away but they came even more. Gradually the eyes were replaced by faces and other pictures, soon I began to 'hear' words and phrases. I say 'hear' because it wasn't normal hearing it was more like havin a thought that i knew wasn't my own, it felt like it had come from another source. All this was happening while I was still at school, a strong Catholic school, so I had to juggle Catholicism (which i knew at the time I wanted nothing more to do with, but thats another story) and Spiritualism, which was my new found way of life.

Eventually I attended an open circle at the spiritualist church where i later became a member and got hooked. From that very first one I began givnig out messages, just small pieces of information at first, building every week until one day I gave a message to a couple from their son and they both cried. I knew then that this is for real, I could see him and everything he is such a strong spirit.

I just wish other people could experience what I have these past few years. I don't mind sceptics, in fact I love them, without sceptics there would be nothing to prove if everyone already beleived would there? What I don't like are the really really rare hardcore sceptic who would rather put their fingers in their ears and run away than just agree to disagree. I have only met one and he was very unpleasent.

So now i'm 17, due to join the spiritualist church mediumship development class in August to become a fledgling and start taking services myself eventually.
Actually, now that I read back again on what you wrote, I've seems too be almost the same thing I've experienced. But I panic and never let it just happen. Any suggestions?
If you feel something happening again just ask your guides/God to protect you and then just go with it, just let it happen. The first time I did this and learned to just go with the flow was when I had my first vision. It was strange, it was a garden and running through it was a paththat waved from side to side. On the path through the garden was a line of nuns all holding babies, and the babies were dressed as nuns too.

What sort of things do you experience?
It sounds beautiful. What kind of message did you get from that first experience? I remember my first experience was a little scary, just because of the fact that I was feeling these things in a perfect state of mind and to really know that it was very real. My first mistake was I didn't ask for guidance from my spirit guides. My eyes were wide open and I was in bed staring at the clock in my room. I started seeing numbers move verticly. I passed through the numbers and was in I guess kind of a cloudy area. A very loud and clear vioce started speaking to me he told me "turn around so I can show you what you need to know, your not going to like what you see." I remember being so scared when I heard that and I then called for my spirit gudes help and emidately a warm blinding light shown in front of my face right when I was turning around. The vision was gone and then I could see my clock again.
Wow that experience sounds scary. I wouldn't have liked that.

The vision I experienced - I'm still not sure what the message behind it was. At the time I was a Catholic attending a Catholic high school and they wouldn't have liked any talk of mediums and things like that, and I felt opressed by that because I felt that I couldn't be myself while I was at school. I took the babies dressed as nuns to be representing that. That's all I can think what it means. Because I could see the line of nuns coming to an end, I knew that once I left school things would be ok, and they were. So I took comfort from that something outside of myself knew what was happening in my life and was able to offer help.
Wow these experiences are all great. I was wondering if anyone has any advice as to how to open up a persons mediumship abilities. I have experienced visits from my deceased loved ones on and off my whole life. I am now at a point in my life that I would like to be able to connect with the spirit world on a more regular basis and pass on messages to people about there deceased loved ones. If anyone has any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it.
shawley said:
Wow these experiences are all great. I was wondering if anyone has any advice as to how to open up a persons mediumship abilities. I have experienced visits from my deceased loved ones on and off my whole life. I am now at a point in my life that I would like to be able to connect with the spirit world on a more regular basis and pass on messages to people about there deceased loved ones. If anyone has any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it.
I strongly recommend starting with the books of John Edward, known from the TV show `Crossing Over.' The book One Last Time is a good one, but if you look on you can see what various reviewers have said about all his books. I particularly like the title What If God Were the Sun (hmmmm) ... but I haven't read that one.

My general, as well as my specific advice, is to apply yourself to the Path of Purification, which is what will safeguard you most (by default) from any and all the contacts you might make. This will also affect the quality and nature of the entities you encounter. Motive alone is not enough to guarantee total safety, let alone accuracy. But it helps ... :)

You might also read a little bit about James Van Praagh, and visit his website here.

Any more specific than that, and there are perhaps half a dozen short manuals written by Theosophical authors which I would recommend. They might not be as easy reading as John Edward, but their value would be considerably greater. And their accuracy, in some cases, is unparalleled by authors from any other school, spiritual path, or walk of life. I testify to that from experience, and not from opinion alone.

Love and Light,