Ferrero's Game Disappearing


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Ferrero's Game Disappearing

I feel so sorry for the young Spanish tennis player Juan Carlos Ferrero because of his wretched game nowadays. When he capped the admired French Open in 2003 and held the number one spot for a couple of weeks, I thought he would become another Pete Sampras or Andre Agassi. But, I was wrong because after his great performance on that year, his performance began to disappear. Worst, until now, he has not got back yet from that collapse and his ranking continues to go down, too.

There is news saying that the guy had numerous injuries after winning that admired clay tournament. Well, as an athlete who joined numerous tennis tournaments, he is certainly bound to meet some of those. Further, it is difficult to go back to your normal form once you had an injury because it takes a lot of patience and determination. It is not only related to your physical status but also your mental aspect.

I just hope that he would be able to bounce back to his normal form because men's tennis has never been uninteresting just like this. Isn't it too uninteresting to see an eventual competition between top ranks Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal?
Not a big tennis guy but I noticed that your boy was in the final last weekend.

Any chance that Jimmy Conners will help Andy Roddick improve his game to the extent he can chaleenge those guys?
What about Andy Murray? He seems to be coming on leaps and bounds, is it possible he could one day be winning Grand Slams, or is this just wishful thinking?

I knida like Roger Federer anyway. In any sport, I always want to see someone come out and make a challenge to the title of "greatest ever"