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Greetings. I recently found this site which looks quite interesting, and so I registered. However,
reading the code of conduct there are a few points I need reassurance about before I post any replies or topics.

1) quote: "... allowed CR a non-exclusive licence to publish, republish, or otherwise distribute such material on the CR website": this doesn't mean that we are giving up our right to due credit/acknowledgement (or share of (if) any profits) does it?

2) re about not allowing any "self-appointed modern-day prophets, nor anyone else aggressively seeking to promote their own agendas": what if we genuinely believe we have a arrived at/formulated our own "unique" philosophy/ideology/view and believe our right to speak/write it? (Everyone has agendas except those who subject them to God's.)

3) re dis-allowing "self-promotional posts from new members, even if this includes links which are non-commercial": what if we want to direct people to our own articles (free web site), or are in habit of using "my theory"/"I" because ego/character has become tied to studies as life purpose/occupation?

Other than that, to briefly introduce myself: My name is Sean, and I have been studying ancient history, myth, linguistics, religion and politics since my mid-teen age years. My main interest is finding correspondences between the bible and ancient history/archaeology (between babel and neo-assyrian in biblical time terms, eg finding Joseph or Moses in Egypt). Amoung my possible discoveries in other areas are: 1st proof that Joseph (of Genesis) existed, Atlantis, deity name correspondences for many gods around world, etc. I believe in biblical Judaeo-Xtianity but am not able to actually be a xtian because of being stuck in impossible internal-external situation.
Hi Alvis Rofhessa, and welcome to CR. :)

I'll try to answer you're questions:

1. This is basically just to stop people demanding that all their posts be removed on a whim.

In other words, when someone makes a post, they're saying, "yes, I accept that this will go up on the CR public messageboard - it's not a problem".

I was careful to ensure it's restricted to the CR website, though - so we have no right to repost the posts on any other website or media format.

2. This is simply because we've been repeatedly hit by new age prophets, who think it's their god given right to bash other people, sing "hallelujah me!" and generally try and take over the forums - and think we should have no problem with that.

3. This is because proscriptions against posting commercial links have led a few people before to think that because they have a website, and they make no money from it, then it's okay to post the URL 200 times around CR.

It's really just an issue of balance, though - if someon posts a link to somehing the net elsewhere that's relevant to a topic, then it's not a problem - but people who come to CR simply to treat it as an advertising free-for-all may find we aren't impressed. :)

As in all things, moderation...

Hope that helps, and congrats on actually reading the terms :)